The most common problems of iPhone 12 + solution
iPhone 12

The most common problems of iPhone 12 + solution

By examining the most common problems of iPhone 12 – iPhone 12, we will help you to fix and prevent possible problems of these phones.

As we move away from the release of the Apple iPhone 12 Series, we hear a lot of problems and issues with the company’s new flagship models. Although there is good feedback from iPhone 12 users, it seems that this series of iPhones also has problems and issues.

Fortunately, you can fix these problems yourself before you need to go to the repair shop. For this reason, in this post, we want to help you solve the most common problems of iPhone 12 , iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Before you start reviewing problems and solutions, it is recommended that you go to your phone’s settings and make sure that the latest version of iOS 14 is installed on your phone, otherwise update it.

Note : The problems mentioned in this article are based on reports from users around the world and may not have happened to your phone.


List of the most common iPhone 12 problems

  • IPhone 12 battery life problem
  • Wi-Fi problem
  • Bluetooth problem
  • Charging problem on iPhone 12
  • Cellular data problem
  • Sound problem on iPhone 12
  • Problem activating the phone
  • Phone performance problem
  • Face ID problem on iPhone 12
  • The problem of the phone overheating

IPhone 12 battery life problem

While most users enjoy the amazing battery life of this series of iPhones, some users have noticed that the battery of this phone is discharged sooner than normal. If you also have a problem with battery life, which is one of the most common problems with the iPhone 12, try the Chi instructions.

If your phone’s battery drains faster than normal, we recommend that you restart your phone before doing anything. Press the power button on your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. wait a minute. If the problem persists after the phone is turned on, try the next one.

The company may not fix the battery life issue in the next iOS‌ update, but keep in mind that the new operating system always has the potential to help you reduce battery issues.

The iPhone 12 supports 5G network connectivity, but it drains your phone’s battery faster than LTE. If you do not need to use the 5G‌ network continuously, enter the phone settings. You will see three options in the settings.

Sometimes phone apps negatively affect its battery life. It is very easy to check the performance of applications on the iPhone 12. To do this, go to Settings and touch the Battery option. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to see how much battery power is consumed by apps.

If there were no problems with the apps, reset your iPhone 12 settings. Before doing this, note that all saved Wi-Fi networks are deleted. So it is better to write down their password somewhere. To do this, enter the phone settings and then select the General option. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Reset. Then touch Reset All Settings. When done, reconnect your iPhone to the desired Wi-Fi network.

Low Power mode helps you maintain battery life by turning off phone services. Use this mode to save the phone battery. To enable it, enter the phone settings and tap the Battery option. Then tap Low Power Mode and turn it on.

If this persists, it may be a hardware problem and you should go to a repair shop.

Wi-Fi problem

If you are an iPhone 12 user and you are facing the problem of slow WiFi speed or disconnection, which is one of the most common problems of iPhone 12, do not worry. To solve this problem, read and follow the instructions below.

Check your troubled Wi-Fi network before going to your phone’s settings. If you are using your home Wi-Fi, unplug the router and plug it in again after a minute.

If you can’t access the router your phone is connected to, this has nothing to do with your ISP. If you want to delete the problematic Wi-Fi network, enter the settings and tap Wi-Fi. Then select your connection by tapping the circle in which the letter i appears. Tap Forget this Network at the top of the screen.

If this does not help fix the problem, reset your iPhone network settings. To reset it, enter the settings and tap General‌. Then select the Reset option and then touch Reset Network Settings.

Bluetooth problem

If your phone is not able to connect to one or more Bluetooth devices, you should follow these instructions. The first thing you need to do is remove the problematic Bluetooth connection. Here’s how to do it:

  • Enter the settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Select the desired connection.
  • Tap Forget this Device.
  • Reconnect to the Bluetooth device.

If this does not help fix the problem, reset your network settings.

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Touch Reset.
  • Then touch Reset Network Settings.

This process may take a few seconds to complete. Doing so will remove Wi-Fi networks on your phone – Forget, so you need to write down their passwords before doing so.

If you have no choice, you can reset your phone to factory settings. Follow the steps below to factory reset the phone.

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Touch Reset.
  • Then select the Reset All Settings option.

If none of these solutions solve your Bluetooth connection problem, you should show your phone to a specialist or to an authorized repair shop.

Charging problem on iPhone 12

Recently, there have been several complaints about iPhone 12 charging problems, most of which are related to wireless charging. If you also have a wireless charging problem, which is one of the most common problems with the iPhone 12, reset your phone. To reset the phone, press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button. Then press the power button and hold it until your phone turns off. Turn on your phone again and see if doing so solves the problem.

If you use your iPhone case to insert credit or security cards, you must remove them before charging your phone. You can also remove the phone completely from the case while charging.

Cellular data problem

Another problem with the iPhone 12 is the problem with cellular data. If you happen to come across the phrase “No Service” on your phone and could not connect to the cellular network, read and try the following.

First, make sure the network or antenna in your area is not disconnected. Follow the news and reports to ensure this. If you find that this problem is not related to the disconnection of your network and antenna, you should restart your phone and see if doing so will help fix the problem or not.

If restarting does not resolve the issue, turn on the phone’s flight mode and turn it off after 30 seconds. Finally, if none of this works to fix the phone antenna, it is best to turn off Cellular Data. Follow the steps below to turn it off.

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Tap Cellular.
  • Then disable Cellular Data.
  • Let it stand for a minute, then turn it on again.

Sound problem on iPhone 12

IPhone 12 speakers should provide clear and loud sound. But if you encounter a hissing problem on this phone, it is better to try a few solutions before calling or going to the repair shop.

Restart your phone first. Also make sure that the SIM card is properly inserted. The iPhone 12 SIM card slot is located on the left side of the phone. You can also turn your Bluetooth connection on and off to resolve this issue. If the sound coming out of your phone is still a problem, make sure that dust does not penetrate into the speaker and that your Lightning port is not blocked.

If you notice a sudden drop in call quality, restart your phone. You can also check your device’s audio receiver to make sure it is not clogged with dust or that the glass protector you have attached to your monitor does not cover it. You can also remove the case or cover of the phone and see if the problem is resolved.

If your phone’s microphone is suddenly disconnected and reconnected, you will need to restart your phone. If the problem persists, restore the backup to your phone. If recovery does not work, see your phone repairman, as your phone may have a hardware problem.

Problem activating the phone

Another problem with the iPhone 12 is the activation problem. If you are planning to launch your new iPhone but you are not able to activate it properly, read and test the tips mentioned in this section.

First, make sure Apple systems are up and running. You can do this through the company’s System Status page. If you see green next to iOS Device Activation, then naturally Apple services should run.

If you see the green icon but your iPhone still does not activate, you may not have inserted the SIM card in your phone properly. There may also be a problem with your SIM card. If you encounter warnings such as Invalid SIM or No SIM, but you are also sure that the SIM card is not a problem, check the following points:

  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Update your phone to the latest iOS version.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Check for updates by going to Settings> General> About. If an update is available, you will see a notification that you must confirm.

If none of this works, take it to a repair shop.

Phone performance problem

Other problems with the iPhone 12 include problems with the phone’s performance. If you are also an iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max user and you have a problem with the screen performance, try the following.

As we move away from the latest version of iOS 14, there are a lot of issues and problems with the performance of the iPhone 12. Although most of the good feedback from iOS 14 has been seen, some users have complained about various issues. One of these issues is the performance of the phone.

Software problems can be solved, in some cases they may be solved by you, and in some cases they will be solved with the next update. To solve this problem, do the following:

  • Restart your iPhone.

If your user interface is lagging or you have other problems with the performance of your iPhone, it is best to restart your phone first. Turn it off and wait a minute, then turn it on.

  • Update your phone.

Apple regularly releases new versions of iOS 14 software. Complementary updates like (iOS 14) fix minor bugs, while major updates add new features and fix major bugs. While Apple may not fix the phone performance issues in the updates altogether, the new software always has the potential to help improve the overall performance of your iPhone.

  • Aplkyshnha to update you .

It is an expression of a problem on the phone, all apps to the latest version of update check In the present development are applications, updates to support iOS 14 to provide that and be able to stabilize the performance of iOS 14 in the device you help them Before the installation of the latest version, you Enter App Store sure and comments of other users of iOS 14 / iOS 14.2 to read If the results are the results positive ‘ve found, update the Directory app to do now .

  • Settings to reset to .

If you still have Gvshyshma performance Mtlbvny no setting iPhone to the reset not In this section, how to reset the settings in iOS 14 and got :

  1. Enter settings for the phone to be .
  2. The option General hit the check .
  3. Then choose Reset to touch you .
  4. Then from the Reset All Settings to choose you .
  5. If a password entry , you have to enter not .

By doing this work, setting the handset you in case the default factory returns, so if encrypted Wi- Fi, and you have to back it up in case of manually entered not .

  • Memory phone to cleanse you .

If the period of time a lot is the phone iPhone itself to you, possibly Data lot of space to store the internal handset you to fill as is Delete this information can to improve the performance of the phone you help out To begin, first check if that is what amount of space to store the machine You empty it is For this work the steps below to study the :

  1. Enter settings for sure .
  2. The General hit the check .
  3. The option Storage & iCloud Usage to touch you .
  4. The last option Manage Storage and choosing not .

Apple on the use you from the store , the proposals provide that, but you can in each section, files that need not have to be manually removed not .

  • Stop auto-download.

While the iOS auto-update feature is a useful feature, constant downloads and updates keep your iPhone running in the background. If you have no problem manually updating your apps in the App Store, it’s a good idea to disable Automatic Downloads on your iPhone to see if it improves your phone’s performance.

To do this, enter the phone settings. From there, touch iTunes & App Store. Then disable Automatic Downloads in this section. In this section you can disable any other option you want.

  • Disable widgets.

With the installation of iOS 14, important items and widgets were added to the phone. However, if you do not use these widgets on your iPhone, it is best to disable all or some of them and see if they help you. To do this you have to swipe your finger to the right on the home screen, then there are two options:

  1. Press and hold on each widget.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Edit. This will make the widgets slip.

If you press and hold any widget, a small menu will open. To remove any widget, tap Remove Widget at the top. If you have selected Edit at the bottom of the page, you can tap the – icon next to the vibrating widget to delete it. You can also scroll down and select Customize. This allows you to quickly add or remove widgets. It is recommended that you disable widgets that you do not use. Remember that if performance improves, you can restore them.

Face ID problem on iPhone 12

If you are one of the iPhone 12 users who have encountered a Facebook ID problem, check the following items and instructions to fix this issue.

First, make sure you have the latest iOS version installed on your phone. If the latest version of iOS 14 is running on your phone and you have a Facebook ID problem, enter the Face ID settings:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Touch Face ID & Passcode. Remember that you must first enter your password to access.

Once logged in, make sure you have Facebook ID enabled on your phone, and all Face ID features are now enabled.

If you have trouble getting your face in front of the screen when unlocking it, make sure you face your face exactly in front of the screen. If you are constantly changing your appearance, you may need to add your new face to Face ID once again. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Tap Face ID & Passcode.
  • Then select the Set Up or Alternate Appearance option.

You also need to make sure that grease or dust on the front camera of your iPhone 12 does not cover you and this does not cause any problems. If the phone does not record your face when setting up and setting your face ID, make sure you scan your face accurately in a well-lit room. You may also need to bring your phone closer to your face or raise its surface.

The problem of the phone overheating

Some users of iPhone 12 series phones have reported that their phones get hot when launching applications and services such as GPS. Before showing your phone to an expert, you can try the following methods to solve this problem.

First, take your phone out of its cover and see if doing so solves the problem. You can also turn off the phone when it heats up and then turn it on or put your phone on flight mode.

In this article, we tried to examine the most common problems of the Apple iPhone 12 and provide methods and solutions for each of these problems. Doing and studying these things will most likely help you to fix and prevent problems. Note that these problems and issues do not occur for all iPhone 12 users, and these cases have been collected according to user reports around the world. If there is no problem with your phone between these cases, you can share it with us through comments.

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