The most common problems of iPhone SE 2 + solution

iPhone SE 2

List of the most common iPhone SE 2 problems

IPhone SE 2 – iPhone SE 2, like all smartphones, has various issues. Read this article to solve iPhone SE 2 problems.

After the iPhone SE 2 was released, many users bought it. But while enjoying the phone, these users encountered flaws and issues such as getting stuck on the Apple logo after updating the phone, Bluetooth not working and unexpected errors. For this reason, we intend to examine the most common problems of iPhone SE 2 in this post and offer various solutions to solve them.

Note : The problems mentioned in this article are based on reports from users around the world and may not have happened to your phone.


Notifications sound not working on the new iPhone SE

Does your iPhone SE not ring or make a sound when you receive a message? Some users have reported that their iPhone SE does not make a sound when receiving a message. If you are also a user of this phone and you have encountered the problem of notifications sound not working, follow the steps below to fix it.


  1. Make sure the Do Not Disturb feature is disabled.
  2. Check if the Hide Alerts option for your message is enabled. Drag one of the on-screen notifications to the left, then click Manage and make sure the Deliver Quietly option is off.
  3. Go to Settings> Sounds> Text Tones. In this section, select the alarm sound you want or change it to the default mode.
  4. Make sure the Deliver Quietly option is not turned on for the app.

Sudden shutdown of the phone

Another problem that can be mentioned among the problems of iPhone SE 2 is the sudden shutdown of the phone. A number of iPhone SE users have complained about the sudden shutdown of this phone. This problem is usually caused by a battery issue, a problematic application, or a bug in the phone’s operating system. You can solve this problem in the following way.


  1. Force restart your phone. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button. Then quickly press and release the Volume Down button. Then press the side button or the power button of the phone and hold it for 10 seconds and do not release it until the phone launches screen.
  2. Allow the phone to fully charge and then fully charge it.
  3. Reset your phone to factory settings.

If you want to fix the sudden shutdown of your iPhone SE 2, you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot. This will help you to fix all the iOS errors and problems that cause the phone to shut down suddenly. This is an application software for beginners that can solve most of the problems related to the operating system.

IPhone SE 2 heptic feedback does not work

One of the problems with the new iPhone SE is that the heptic touch of the phone does not work. According to some users, hepatic touch feedback does not work in the new SE icon for notifications. AppleInsider has confirmed that this feature does not work on the lock screen and notification center.


There is currently no solution to this problem and it seems to be intentional and not a bug.

Problem with the phone’s Bluetooth not working

Some customers say that the iPhone SE 2 has a Bluetooth problem. They have problems pairing Bluetooth devices such as headphones or audio speakers, Apple Car games, and so on. This may be due to a problem with your iPhone software.


  1. Turn off the phone’s Bluetooth and turn it on again.
  2. Go to Settings> Bluetooth> My Devices and tap the i icon next to the device name and then touch Forget. Pair your device again after doing this.
  3. Reset your iPhone SE 2 network settings.

The phone overheats

A problem with the device overheating indicates a faulty battery. Sometimes the phone gets very hot while charging, in which case it should be disconnected from the charger or prevented from overcharging. But if your new iPhone is getting hot, it’s a good idea to show it to an expert.

Stuck on the Apple logo

If your new iPhone SE gets stuck on the Apple logo after the iOS update, the update file will most likely be corrupted. If you have encountered this problem, here are some solutions to fix it.


  1. Force restart the phone.
  2. Put your iPhone in Recovery mode and recover with iTunes.

If the screen of your iPhone SE2 is stuck on the Apple logo, do not worry. Rebooting iOS will help solve this problem and can solve this problem without losing data. This has been approved by many users around the world.

No quick reply to messages

Another problem with the iPhone SE2 is that it does not respond quickly. As mentioned above, according to some users, hepatic touch feedback does not work in the new SE icon for notifications. On iPhone SE 2, long press on notifications does not show any response.


There is currently no solution to this problem, but it is possible that Apple will fix this problem in future updates. So wait for it to fix it.

The new iPhone SE does not turn on

Some users have reported that their iPhone SE will not turn on after installing the new iOS update. This problem may be due to hardware issues, but it is most likely due to a broken or problematic iOS update file. To solve this problem, do the following:


  1. Force restart the phone.
  2. Put your phone in Recovery‌ mode and recover with iTunes.
  3. Recover your iPhone DFU mode.

Recovery mode or DFU mode will delete all data on your iPhone. Instead, you can use a professional tool to solve this problem. Tenorshare ReiBoot helps you get rid of all the iOS problems.

Low phone battery life

Some users complain about the abnormal capacity of the iPhone SE 2 battery. This may be normal, as battery health may not be within a reasonable percentage of your capacity. Your battery may have no problems and be fine, but it will drain quickly. This may be due to a hardware problem. It may also be due to software issues related to iOS 13 on your iPhone.


  1. Reset all settings. To do this, go to Settings> General> Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
  2. Stop background refresh. To do this, go to Settings> General and tap Background App Refresh and disable it for apps you do not need.
  3. Recover your iPhone with iTunes.

Problem connecting to WiFi

Many iPhone users, especially iPhone SE2 users, have complained about Wi-Fi connection in these phones. They report that the Wi-Fi connection suddenly becomes unstable. First, restart your wireless router. If that doesn’t work, follow the steps and instructions because.


  1. Force restart your phone.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi and then turn it on again.
  3. Enter the Wi-Fi settings and Forget the connection and then reconnect.
  4. Reset network settings.
  5. Factory reset your new iPhone SE.

Most problems with iPhones are caused by software issues that require iOS recovery. In this article, we tried to examine the most common problems of iPhone SE 2 and provide methods and solutions for each of these problems. Doing and studying these things will most likely help you to fix and prevent problems. Note that these problems do not occur for all new iPhone SE users, and these have been collected based on user reports around the world. If there is no problem with your phone between these cases, you can share it with us through comments.

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