The most common problems of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e + solution

Galaxy S10
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Since its launch in spring 2019 10 family members Galaxy S Samsung phones became popular. With its sleek design, powerful hardware, and powerful cameras, this popularity came as no surprise. But nothing in life is perfect. Problems with the Galaxy S10 and its bigger brother; And what about the cheaper but still good model of the Galaxy S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Fortunately, there are solutions to many problems, and here are some of the most common.

Problems with Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones

  • Fingerprint sensor malfunction
  • Disconnect the Bluetooth connection when the monitor turns off
  • Unstable connection to LTE network
  • Galaxy S10 series battery problems
  • Heating the Galaxy S10 series

Fingerprint sensor malfunction

Some users say that the fingerprint sensor only works 20% of the time. For others, when using it, a message will appear: Press harder on the scanner!

The latest update seems to have improved the performance of the Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor; But if you still have these problems:

  • Remove the screensaver and see if it improves.
  • It is not bad to try other fingers as well; Because many users have done better with the thumb. Also note that you press the sensor with the center of your finger; Not the sides!
  • Unchecking the display can also be problematic. To do this, go to Settings> Display> Touch sensitivity switch.

Disconnect the Bluetooth connection when the monitor turns off

Bluetooth disconnection can be nerve-wracking; Especially when you are listening to music with headphones. This problem has been reported in the Galaxy S10 series when playing an audio file or even a phone call.

Many users say that the connection is good at first; But when the screen turns off, Bluetooth is turned off and the screen must be turned on again to reconnect.

The root of the problem is to be found in the app optimization settings of the phone, which disables apps when the screen turns off; Whether you are using it or not!

If this problem occurs when using a specific application such as Spotify ; You can turn this mode off for that app only.

  • To do this, go to Settings> Apps and tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen.
  • From the available options, first select Special access and then Optimize battery usage.
  • Note that in the drop-down list, All is displayed so that all applications appear. Then uncheck Spotify or any other app you want.

If Bluetooth disconnection occurs in the car, you must uncheck Bluetooth battery management by entering the Optimize battery usage section.

Unstable connection to LTE network

Despite the novelty and appeal of the 5G network, 4G is still the best choice available to many users. So the problems are very annoying.

Few Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus users suffer from poor and unstable 4G connectivity. They claim that websites and files load slowly or even the network switches to 3G.

This problem has been reported when using different telecommunication providers; So it is not all the fault of the operators. Apparently, there have been phones since the beginning of the release, and the mentioned users are still waiting for a software update to fix the problem.

To check for access to the new update, you can go to Settings> Software update> Download and install. Calling a mobile operator may also be effective.

Galaxy S10 series battery problems

With a larger battery compared to previous generations, the Samsung Galaxy S10 family phones have better charging. But some users have complained about the rapid discharge of the battery, even without using the phone; For example, a 30% reduction in charge during the night!

Of course, this problem is more seen in the Exynos versions of these phones. Traditionally, the Exynos chip has poorer battery performance than the Snapdragon.

Apparently, one of the main causes of battery drain is a malfunction of the proximity sensor, which causes the screen to accidentally turn on in the user’s pocket or bag.

Another problem is related to a bug that prevents you from entering the energy saving mode after the end of the voice call in apps such as WhatsApp . It has been confirmed that this bug only exists in the Exynos versions of the Galaxy S10 family. But what is the solution?

To fix the proximity sensor problem, it is recommended to turn off Always On Display and Lift to Wake.

  • To do this, go to Settings> Lock screen and disable Always On Display. Then do the same for Lift to wake from Settings> Advanced features> Motions and gestures.

There is currently no permanent solution to fix the voice call bug; Unless you restart the phone after the conversation is over. Or do not use such applications to make voice calls at all.

Heating the Galaxy S10 series

From the battery explosion and the infamous Galaxy Note 7, users are more sensitive in checking the temperature of their phone. Of course, it is normal to feel the heat of the device from time to time; But if the heat is constant, it will miss a job.

Heating the phone can cause many technical problems and damage the battery; This problem has also been reported by some users on the Galaxy S10 Plus, S10 and S10e.

Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process.

  • Keep your phone away from heat sources. For example, direct sunlight!
  • Do not work with the phone while connecting to the charger.
  • Do not run multiple applications at the same time to put less pressure on the device.
  • Decreasing the screen brightness is also an effective measure.

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