The new Core i9-11900K processor is about 11% faster than the previous generation
Core i9-11900K

The new Core i9-11900K processor is about 11% faster than the previous generation

Intel Core i9-11900K , Intel’s new flagship Rocket Lake-S series of processors, is about 11 percent faster than the previous generation Core i9-10900K .

We now have more information on the performance of Intel’s new Rocket Lake-S processor, which shows the progress of the Intel Core i9-11900K in 1080p gaming . Intel has released new images of the Core i9-11900K benchmark results in four different games, showing off its new flagship performance during Total War: Three Kingdoms  , Gears 5  , Grid 2019 and Microsoft Flight Simulator . All of these games run during testing with maximum graphics settings and 1080p resolution .

The Core i9-11900K appears 13%, 9%, 8% and 14% faster than the Core i9-10900 in these four games, respectively . So it can be concluded that the new Intel flagship is about 11% faster than its predecessor.

The first results of the Core i9-11900K benchmark

The most powerful model of the new generation processors, namely Core i9-11900K, unlike the flagship of the previous generation, Core i9-10900K, which had 10 physical cores, includes 8 processing cores and 16 threads, which provides maximum processing power of 5.2 GHz using Turbo Boost 3.0 technology . And the turbo power of all its cores reaches 4.7 GHz. So at least in heavy multi-thread processing it is not going to be able to beat the flagship of the previous generation by a considerable distance, but it will be more superior in single-thread processing (same as Single Thread ) and games.

Providing this function requires 125 watts of power consumption. The Z590 chip now offers PCIe 4.0 technology , a first for Intel products. So, after two years, the company’s new flagship can compete with its direct competitor, AMD .

All Intel Rock Leak S processors

In the picture above, you can see a complete list of all 11th generation Intel processor products that are based on Rocket Lake-S chips . The 11th generation processors, codenamed Rocket Lake, will soon be introduced to the PC processor market in the second half of March 2021, with a new architecture and improved performance.

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