the new generation of Asus ROG series motherboards
Asus ROG

the new generation of Asus ROG series motherboards

the new generation of Asus ROG series motherboards with the maximum power of Intel processors

The new generation of Asus ROG series motherboards offer users the ultimate power of new Intel processors. In the following, we will get acquainted with the specifications of these Asus motherboards.

Earlier, Intel introduced a new chipset under the Z590 model; Asus, as the largest motherboard manufacturer in the world, introduced a new generation of powerful motherboards based on this chipset. Asus introduces its motherboards in different categories, each generation on the Intel platform, ROG series of Asus motherboards are the most powerful series of motherboards of the same generation that have excellent features and characteristics. One of the positive points of this series of Asus motherboards is the use of a powerful power supply circuit and the use of the highest quality elements. The new motherboards of the Asus ROG Maximus series were introduced under the name ROG Maximus XIII, which refers to the thirteenth generation of motherboards in this series and the Z590 chipset. In this article, we will introduce more new Asus ROG Maximus XIII motherboards.

Introduction to the new generation of Asus ROG series motherboards

ROG Maximus XIII Extreme and ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial motherboards

Asus ROG series motherboards

Asus Extreme motherboards are a combination of ultimate power and beauty; In this generation, two motherboards of this series were introduced to ROG MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME and MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME Glacial models. Both motherboards have an LGA 1200 socket and are fully compatible with all 11th and 10th generation processors. In addition, both motherboards have four 128GB RAM slots with dual-channel architecture. In the power supply section, 18 + 2 phases are in charge of controlling and supplying the required power to the processor and RAM.

ROG MAXIMUS XIII EXTRME Glacial motherboard is the same as the original version, except that this motherboard has a large block for the processor, the power supply circuit. This block is suitable for hardware lovers to experience the ultimate in strength and coolness of the components. This integrated block is fully compatible with EK series fittings and can keep even the main chipset of this motherboard cool with an open loop cooling system. Also, the presence of 18 + 2 phase regulator pressure regulation circuit in this motherboard can take out all the potential of the new generation processors. Also, this power supply circuit is so powerful that it is a very ideal option even for overclocking. Also, the silver color structure of the Glacial version is derived from the blue cooling systems.

Asus ROG series motherboards

This time around, Asus has provided a control environment for professionals; Various buttons are located next to the main power connector of the motherboard, which allows consumers to access all the various parameters. Both models have two 8-pin connectors to power the processor and also have a customizable display. The RGB lighting of these two motherboards provides a beautiful appearance for this luxury motherboard, which has interesting features. The first is the Asus Aura Sync feature, which includes synchronizing the motherboard’s lighting with other components. In addition, different LED strips can be used by different headers.

Two fourth-generation PCIe X16 slots on both motherboards mean more power experience with the new graphics card; Because this standard has much more bandwidth than the previous generation. In addition, Asus has once again used Safe-Slot technology on these two motherboards due to the increasing size of graphics cards during each generation. With this technology, motherboards have the ability to multiply compared to graphics cards; Because in the structure of these slots in Asus motherboards, there is a strong aluminum cover and also more solder on the back of the motherboard.

Motherboard ROG MAXIMUS XIII Hero

Hero series is always a hero for gamers. In this generation, the Asus ROG MAXIMUS XIII Hero motherboard with support for socket and chipset Z590 is ready to host both tenth or eleventh generation processors. The first difference between the two generations is the increased processing power of new processors, and this motherboard with a powerful 14 + 2 phase power supply circuit can extract all the power of new processors for you.

This Asus high-end gaming motherboard uses artificial intelligence technology to increase system performance, cooling system optimization and network management to experience the ultimate in performance. Ai Overclocking technology intelligently performs a completely standard and stable overclock for you, taking into account the processor potential for overclocking, the temperature and the type of cooling installed on the system. Another interesting feature of this motherboard is Ai Cooling; This technology intelligently takes a complete test of the processor and the performance of all the coolers connected to the motherboard, and after a complete analysis, will be responsible for the complete management of cooling and reducing the noise generated by the fans. In network discussion, Ai Network manages your network information bit by bit so that, for example, it does not use your bandwidth while playing a service or other application.

One of the improvements of this motherboard compared to its previous version is the optimization of the VRM cooling section. Also in the audio section, the SupremeFX audio chip gives you the performance of a professional sound card.

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