The new iMac comes with narrower margins and a smaller chin

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A new Bloomberg report shows that Apple is working on a new Imec PC with a narrower bezel and smaller chin that looks like an Apple monitor.

Rumors have been circulating for a long time about the new design of Apple’s All-in-One Imec computers. Although the new generation of computers are still beautiful and good, they are a bit old, especially since the edges around the screen are large and there is a large chin under the panel. The good news for users who are tired of this design style is that Apple will soon introduce a new Imec with major design changes.

The new iMac looks like an Apple monitor

Bloomberg’s Marg Gorman says one of the most important changes to the All-in-One is its design, including the bezels around the screen and the large chin under the panel. Obviously, it is not possible to completely remove the edges around the screen, but they are expected to be narrower than the current generation. It seems that in the end, the design of this computer can be similar to the Pro Display XDR monitor , which is famous for its beauty.

So we should not be surprised if the design of this computer resembles an Apple professional monitor. Because when the Thunderbolt displays were introduced, they were very similar in appearance to the Imec. There is currently a long way to go between the design of the Apple monitor and the iMac, but it looks like the new IMAC can bridge that gap.

Gorman also claims in his new report that Apple’s new iMacs will be powered by Apple’s M-series chip, and although we do not know their exact names, the next generation M1 chip is on Apple’s new computers. Earlier, a report was published claiming that Apple will unveil its new All-in-One computers in March this year

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