The release schedule of LG Android 11 has been released

LG Android 11
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Companies, including LG, are working to further expand Android 11. Today, the release schedule of LG Android 11 was released.

LG usually does not do well in releasing major Android updates and is one of the slowest companies in this field. This time, the situation is no different, and the release schedule of LG Android 11 also shows this. The Korean company has already released this update for the Velvet 5G handsets in Korea (January) and some V60 versions in the US (last month).

If you live in Europe and are waiting for an update for your device, LG Germany has published a useful but disappointing list.LG Android 11 release schedule

The Velvet 5G will be the first device to receive the update in Europe in April. The LG G8X ThinQ will also receive Android 11 before the end of June. Then in the third quarter (July to September) the Velvet 4G and G8S will join the list of recipients of this update. Users of devices such as the K42, K52 and Wing will have to wait until the fourth quarter of the year (October to December) to get a taste of Android 11. The interesting point in this program is that the last phones on the list will receive this update when more than a year has passed since the release of Android 11 and a new version has been released.

This list is a bit disappointing, and if you bought a new device from LG, you will probably have to wait a long time to run Android 11.

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