The Samsung Galaxy F02s will be the same as the Galaxy A02s

Galaxy F02s
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There are reports that Samsung will soon unveil the Galaxy F02s. But apparently this economic phone is the same as Galaxy A02s or M02s with a different name.

Last November, Samsung unveiled a low-cost phone called the Galaxy A02s. This phone is exactly the same as the Galaxy M02s that was later unveiled in India. Our findings now show that the soon-to-be-introduced Galaxy F02s is no different from the two models, and somehow different versions of them have different names.

Details of the Samsung Galaxy F02s

Thanks to the Google Play console, we now know that this phone is powered by a low-end Snapdragon 450 chipset and comes with 4GB of RAM. The phone will also be equipped with a display with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels (equivalent to HD) and a pixel density of 280DPI. All of these specifications are exactly the same as those found on the Galaxy E 02S and Galaxy M2.2S. Therefore, its other features must be the same as its other two brothers.

Galaxy F02s

samsung galaxy f02s

Since the Samsung Galaxy F series phones are unique to the Indian market, it can be expected that the Galaxy F02S is also designed exclusively for this market. But Samsung never launches a completely identical phone with two different names in one market. A phone with such specifications called Galaxy M2S is currently available in the Indian market.

Also, when you pay more attention to the leaked images of this phone, you will notice the difference between it and the other two models mentioned on the front cover. “Unfortunately, the Korean giant has not yet announced any details about the date of the introduction of this mysterious phone.”

What do you think about the introduction of a phone with several different names in different markets by Samsung? Does Samsung want to emulate its Chinese competitors, or is it just a decision to separate the financial gains of the big markets?

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