The second generation of Asus Tinker Board 2 single-board computers
Tinker Board

The second generation of Asus Tinker Board 2 single-board computers

Asus Tinker Board 2

The second generation of Asus Tinker Board 2 single-board computers based on ARM processors was introduced. In the following, we will get acquainted with the new generation of Asus single-board computers.

Asus has recently introduced a new series of Tinker Board 2 single-board computers based on ARM processors, which can offer excellent performance with dimensions close to a bank card. Asus’ new single-board computers are perfect for Internet of Things (IoT) enthusiasts and those who want to put their small, smart ideas into action.

Introducing Asus Tinker Board 2 single board computers

High CPU and GPU performance for IoT devices

Tinker Board 2

The powerful 6-core system for Tinker Board 2 computers, along with the new 64-bit Armv8 architecture, offers stunning performance over other single-board systems. Asus’ new Tinker board also comes with Arm big.LITTLE technology, an architecture for heterogeneous processing that combines two very different processors in SoC systems. Big.LITTLE software is responsible for allocating; This means that when requesting processing, the software intelligently selects the appropriate processor core for each process. The results also show that the Tinker Board 2 and Tinker Board 2S perform 1.5 times more efficiently than the original Tinker Board and are significantly faster than current single-chip systems on the market.

For heavy graphics processing, the Asus Tinker Board 2 series features the Mali-T860 GPU, the most powerful GPU based on the Midgard architecture. This processor is a perfect choice for complex graphics processing and fully supports OpenGL ES 3.0 / 3.1, OpenVG 1.1, OpenCL and next-generation frameworks and legacy 2D / 3D graphics applications. Compared to the original Tinker Board, the Tinker Board 2 with the Mali-T860 GPU has 28% more GPU performance.

Along with ASUS IoT Cloud management and control solution and updated operating system

The new Tinkerboard 2 models can be controlled by the ASUS IoT (AICC) cloud console, which is essentially a management platform suitable for data analysis. Under this console, you can troubleshoot and restart remotely or even upgrade the operating system for new Asus thinnerboards.

Various connections, support for two simultaneous displays and 4K resolution

The Tinker Board 2 and Tinker Board 2S series computers support HDMI and Display Port ports for video output with the ability to use two monitors simultaneously with 4K and USB-C resolution to connect other drives. Other ports and connections of these two new Asus thinnerboards include USB3.2 Type A, dual-band WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz), and Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Hassle-free and easy to set up

Asus Tinker Board 2 and Tinker Board 2S systems have the right startup tools so that consumers can boot their system to their liking. This tool includes the ability to set the maximum and minimum frequencies for the CPU and GPU with a monitoring panel.

Support for Android 10 operating system

The Tinker Board 2 and Tinker Board 2S systems are engineered and optimized to run the Android 10 operating system, which is one of the advantages of the new Asus thinnerboards over other single-chip systems.


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