The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Pro Max foldable phone will probably be introduced soon
Mi Mix 4 Pro

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Pro Max foldable phone will probably be introduced soon

Xiaomi’s first clamshell phone, the Mi Mix 4 Pro Max, is reportedly set to launch soon. This phone will have an inward folding design.

We’ve been waiting for news about Xiaomi’s first clamshell phone for a long time, and the wait is likely to end soon. According to GSMArena , a Chinese mobile industry revealer with the username Digital Chat Station claims that the Xiaomi foldable phone, probably called the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Pro Max, has a foldable design; That is similar to what we have seen in  Samsung Galaxy Z2 Fold 2 and Huawei Mate X2 .

In the first month of this year, images of a real-world foldable device that appeared to be related to Xiaomi’s first collapsible phone were revealed. It was not long before a device with model number M2011J18C was registered in TENAA China. Ross Yang , the founder of the display supply chain consultants , long ago claimed that Xiaomi plans to launch three foldable handsets this year. Perhaps what we saw in the leaked images is just one of Xiaomi’s three foldable devices in 2021.

Images attributed to Xiaomi's first foldable phone in the real world have been revealed

Images attributed to the Xiaomi foldable phone in the real world

According to rumors, Csot is provider folding screen is Max Mix 4 Peru; At first we expected Samsung Display to supply these panels. The foldable Mi Mix 4 Pro Max panel is expected to have dimensions of 0.03 inches and a high refresh rate (90 or 120 Hz) when opened. The secondary display of the product will have dimensions of 6.38 inches.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Pro Max is said to have a large sensor in the main camera (1 / 1.28-inch IMX700y) and will use a periscope camera that offers 10x magnification. We expect the Xiaomi clamshell phone to have a large battery with fast charging technology and to come to market at a great price.

Despite CSOT’s introduction of the Mi Mix 4 Pro Max display, Samsung continues to be involved in Xiaomi’s efforts in the field of foldable phones. The Korean company is said to be looking to produce a panel for another Xiaomi clamshell phone with a clamshell design. This model will have a slightly larger screen, which will include ultra-narrow glass (UTG). Xiaomi’s third clamshell phone will likely feature a clamshell design on the outside.