Themida Multilingual x86 / x64

Themida is a professional security software for programmers. The task of Themida software is to pack your program or file in terms of security and greatly increase its security so that your efforts as programmers are not in vain. This app is made for developers to protect their apps against cracking. Software developers often face some problems that many applications  or  payed  by reverse engineering or crack can be used for free. To    Avoid having your application  in to such threats programmers Software to Use Protective tools protect. Sometimes professional programmers work hard for their software or files and spend a lot of time preparing an application for their users, but many users try to crack the software and try to access the program’s resources to Resource them and get results in their favor. 

One of the best features of this software is to prevent your files from being monitored, and if a monitoring program is open, your file will not run.

Features and specifications of Themida software :

–  Debugging techniques whose job is to detect  any type of defect.  

–  techniques against memory  to get rid of any Ring3 and Ring0

–  Different encryption algorithms and keys are protected in each application

–  Anti-API scanner techniques that  prevent the  reconstruction of the input table  .

–  Automatic decompilation and technique pursuit in the desired program

–  Virtual machine simulator in a specific block of code

–  Advanced Mutator Engine

– Connect to the  SDK  with  different protective layers 

–  Anti-disassember techniques for any static and interactive disassemblers

–  Multiple layers with a total of more than 50,000 permutations

Installation guide

Just install and use. It is cracked.

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