Thermoflow 21.0

Thermoflow 21.0

Since 1987, Thermoflow has been a pioneer in the development of thermal engineering software for industrial power plants. There are two types of heat balance programs: specific application and flexible. The “specific application” program includes specific tools that focus on one type of device. The program includes a broad general model and the user can select a subset of it through guidance and structured methods. The “flexible” program is a versatile tool that allows users to build models by connecting suitable building blocks. Each type of program has advantages and limitations. The company’s first product was called GT PRO, which is known around the world as the most popular program in the field of design and simulation of gas turbine devices. In 2012, more than 2,150 users on 1250 sites, as well as in 75 countries, used the GT PRO program.

Features and capabilities of Thermoflow software:

  • THERMOFLEX new user interface to improve productivity and aesthetics
  • Energy analysis of steam and gas turbines
  • Perform various thermodynamic steps
  • Revision of steam turbine efficiency estimates
  • Health revision to estimate cost
  • Added new gas turbine specifications in the GT library
  • Fuel Database Update (Added 40 Biomass Fuels)
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers for markers and operators

Installation guide

You copy, run and apply the patch file at the software installation location.

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