ThermoSientific (FEI) AVIZO 2019.1 x64

ThermoSientific (FEI) AVIZO 2019.1 x64

FEI Avizo is a powerful software for modeling, redesigning and producing 3D images from raw scientific data. 3D rendering, which means displaying raw input data in the form of 3D models and images is understandable. Using 3D models, it is much easier for professionals to collect and analyze data in their desired scientific field. Analysis in this program means extracting meaningful data as well as statistical data from modeled images, for example the volume of a certain area, the area of ​​different levels, the length between two specific points and…. As a practical example, using the analysis capabilities of this program, in cancer and oncology, the size and volume of the tumor can be identified with high accuracy.

This program is a general-purpose software that can be used in various fields. This program currently has many applications in various fields such as geology, polymers, chemistry, life sciences, medicine and.. One of the important advantages of this program is its graphical environment. All the required tasks from the initial stages of receiving data to the stage of producing three-dimensional models, as well as the stages of analyzing and receiving statistical information are done in a completely visual and transparent manner, and the user does not need any conflict with coding and scripting. FEI Avizo helps professionals in the fields of science, technology and research to accelerate their scientific studies and reduce their computational error as much as possible by providing a variety of capabilities.

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ThermoSientific AVIZO 2019.1 x64

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