These nutrients speed up the cancer treatment process
cancer treatment

These nutrients speed up the cancer treatment process

These nutrients speed up the cancer treatment process

You’ve probably heard from your parents many times during your childhood: “You can’t leave the table until all the steamed broccoli has been left out of the plate.” You turned your plate this way and that.

Well, according to recent research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, this is a useful strategy, not because it combines deliciously, but because it has been shown to contain compounds in broccoli and garlic that boost the immune system. And of course leads to a better process in the treatment of cancer.

Professor Esco, a biologist at the University of Copenhagen, explains in a press release that:

Excessive stimulation of molecules over-activates the immune system and causes it to collapse, and of course we try to prevent this mechanism from occurring. We have found that selenium compounds, found naturally in certain foods such as garlic and broccoli, effectively inhibit the stimulation of immune system molecules that play a key role in invading cancers such as melanoma, prostate cancer and certain types of leukemia. he does.

In other words, certain types of cancer severely weaken the body with an overactive immune system. Selenium, one of the compounds found in broccoli and garlic, reverses such an effect on the immune system and has the potential to improve cancer treatment.

In this study, researchers specifically focused on ligands because they take on a liquid state, which is exactly what causes molecular breakdown and causes many problems as the cancer becomes more prevalent. The molecule used to be a deadly disease and could be detected in the arteries, but these molecules are found both on the surface of cancer cells and dissolve in the infected person’s blood.

“Now we can prove that selenium compounds have very positive effects in neutralizing certain types of ligands, whether they are dissolved in the blood as a liquid or have settled on the surface of the skin,” says Professor Esco .

Of course, finding a way to prevent overstimulation of the immune system requires more research, but we have achieved the right results. Recent results are definitely a launching pad (albeit small) towards recovery and finding natural remedies in the treatment of cancer without adverse effects.

The smell of garlic is apparently a very low price you have to pay for a chance to recover and fight cancer. Look at it this way: With just one bite, you have both strengthened your immune system and destroyed your blood vessels.

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