Things to do before selling a laptop

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before selling a laptop

before selling a laptop, you should prepare it for sale and take a series of steps so that you can sell it safely. Join us to take a look at clearing the laptop before From sales .

The first method

Backup files with Windows settings

Backing up is one of the basic steps that is very useful if you need information and restore it, and be sure to collect information, archive family photos and videos, archive of favorite music, application files that are constantly from You use them, the documents that you have scanned or prepared yourself have taken a lot of effort and are valuable, there is two ways to keep this information on the laptop, or the new owner does a general format and all Deletes them because your information is not important to that person or they easily misuse it, so it is better to think of a way to preserve your documents. The best way is to back up and delete the laptop data before selling , which we will explain how to do in the following.

You can use third-party backup programs, but Windows 10 has the ability to back up your system, allowing you to back up your installations, settings, programs, and files.

How to back up Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 installed on your laptop, follow these steps to make a backup:

1. Enter the Control Panel and then point to Backup and Restore (windows 7) . Note that the phrase Windows7 is mentioned in the name of this section and has nothing to do with Windows 7.

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

2. Now from the left panel, click on Create a system image and under the section ” Where do you want to save the backup? “, Select the ” On a hard disk ” option.

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

3. Since your hard drive may consist of different drivers, in the next step you should select its location and give the address in which driver and folder, for example, your backup is stored. Then click Next .

4. In the next step, specify the drivers you want to back up by checking next to it and  point to Next .

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

5. Finally, click the Start backup button to run the backup process.

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

After completing the steps and doing the above correctly, this feature creates a full backup of your computer and files so you can safely perform the operation of deleting the laptop data before the sale .

If you are a Windows 7 and 8 user and you want to back up your system data, we recommend that you read the article on backing up Hiwatc PC data .

The second method

Back up the file using OneDrive

In this step, we want to examine how to back up the file using OneDrive , because it is always recommended to make a separate backup of your files to make it easier to transfer images, videos and documents to another computer.

The easiest way to back up your files is to move them to the OneDrive folder and then wait for your account to sync. If you already use cloud storage service, probably from all the files in the cloud Cloud backup is. In this case, setting OneDrive on the new device makes the transfer much easier .

But if you do not upload files to OneDrive , use these steps:

1. Open File Explorer and find and select the folders you want to back up.

2. From the Home tab , click the Move to button, and then click Choose location .

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

3. Select the OneDrive folder .

Important note :

If you want to organize your files, it is better to create a new folder and set it as a destination for backing up your data and then click the Move button.

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

Once completed, OneDrive will upload your files to the cloud and make them available on your devices.

If you have more files than space on OneDrive , you may want to upgrade your storage by purchasing an Office 365 subscription , which will save up to 1 terabyte of space.

The third method

Back up the file using an external drive

Alternatively, you can copy files to an external hard drive. To create a backup of a file, connect an external drive (external hard drive) with sufficient storage and use the following steps:

1. Open File Explorer and find and select the folders you want to back up.

Note: If you want to back up your account folders (desktop, documents, downloads, music, videos and pictures), be sure to select your profile folder, which is in this path : C: Users

2. From the Home tab , click the Copy button and then click on Choose location .

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

3. Now select the external hard drive and click the Copy button.

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling

After completing the steps, the files will be copied to the external hard drive that you specified. If you are transferring a new device, in addition to backing up your data, it is a good idea to save your web passwords to make sure you can get back to your favorite websites.



How to clear system information

As you know, in the next step, you have to use the recovery options to wipe and reset the device to factory settings to let the next owner set it up as a new computer. In this section , we will examine clearing laptop information before selling .

To use the Reset This PC feature   to safely wipe everything on your computer and reinstall Windows 10, follow these steps:

1. Open the settings and click on Update & Security .

2. Now click on Recovery and under the Reset this PC section   , click the Get started button. This will erase all your data and you will no longer need to delete folder by folder and drive by drive.

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling 

3. In the next step, click the Remove everything button and then on the next screen, click Change settings .

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling 

4. On the next screen, as you can see in the image below, turn on the option switch and select the Confirm button   .

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling 

Important note :  

If you have multiple drives, you will also see the ” Data Drives” option to clear your files from all drives. If you see this option, and it is because you are connected to an external drive, it is recommended that you disconnect the drive and follow the steps again.

5. By doing these steps, you will return to the previous page, now this time point to Next and finally the Reset option will be your next choice.

Clear Laptop Information Before Selling 

It is very important to back up and erase your laptop data before selling , and this process may take a few hours, but it is worth it, because it will be almost impossible for most people to recover your data.

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