Three.js Journey - The ultimate Three.js course 2021-1

Three.js Journey – The ultimate Three.js course 2021-1


The ultimate Three.js course is the name of a 3D website building training course. Whether you are a beginner or a more professional developer, this is the only course you will need to learn WebGL with Three.js. Although this course is complete, it is fully accessible to beginners. In this course we will start by exploring what WebGL is and why it is necessary to use the Three.js library. We then explore the various components of this library, and as soon as the basics are learned, we move on to more advanced techniques for displaying millions of particles, adding physics, interaction, building a galaxy, animation, and more.

At the end of this course you will have a deep understanding of the Three.js library and be ready to start your own project. As a reward, in this course you will also learn how to work with blender software to build your own models.

The ultimate Three.js course features:

  • Familiarity with the basics and basics such as working with the camera, materials, textures and…
  • Working with classic techniques, ambient lighting, building environments and making millions of particles
  • Advanced techniques include adding physics, blending models, and trying to make them real
  • Learn the Shaders language to use the WebGL endpoint
  • Review and optimize your work to achieve the best frame rate

Course details:

Publisher: Three.js Journey
Instructor: Bruno Simon
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 32
Duration: 33 hours

Course topics:


01- Introduction:  18mn

02- What is WebGL and why using Three.js:  23mn

03- Basic scene:  36mn

04- Webpack:  35mn

05- Transforms objects:  46mn

06- Animations:  30mn

07- Cameras:  57mn

08- Fullscreen and resizing:  30mn

09- Geometries:  35mn

10- Debug UI:  38mn

11- Textures:  1h 14mn

12- Materials:  1h 21mn

13- 3D Text:  44mn

Classic techniques

14- Lights:  46mn

15- Shadows:  1h 00mn

16- Haunted House:  1h 15mn

17- Particles:  49mn

18- Galaxy Generator:  1h 08mn

19- Raycaster:  45mn

Advanced techniques

20- Physics:  1h 57mn

21- Imported models:  1h 07mn

22- Custom model with Blender:  1h 59mn

23- Realistic render:  1h 19mn


24- Shaders:  2h 16mn

25- Shader patterns:  1h 49mn

26- Raging sea:  1h 15mn

27- Animated galaxy:  1h 13mn

28- Modified materials:  51mn


29- Post-processing:  1h 26mn

30- Performance tips:  1h 12mn

31- Intro and loading progress:  49mn

32- Mixing HTML and WebGL:  58mn

33- The end:  3mn

Course prerequisites:

Even if the course is beginner friendly, you need to know JavaScript basics like variables, objects, arrays, loops, functions and events.

The code editor used in the lessons is Visual Studio Code but you can use any editor you like.

The browser used in the lessons is Chrome but you can use any browser you like. However, it is recommended to use one with a good developer tools panel like Chrome or Firefox.

At a point, you will have to install Blender but the software is free and works on all major OS.

Installation guide

After Extract, watch with your favorite Player.

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Quality: 1080

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Download Part 2 – 3 GB
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Download section 4 – 3 GB
Download section 5 – 3 GB
Download Section 6 – 2.36 GB
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