Thunderhead Engineering PyroSim 2019.3.1204 x64

Thunderhead Engineering PyroSim 2019.3.1204 x64

PyroSim is a powerful fire simulator, popular software to increase the speed and accuracy of working with FDS models. In fact, technically, this software is a graphical interface for Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) that simulates and analyzes the movement and behavior of smoke, temperature and toxic gases with high accuracy. With this software, you can easily set a fake fire in a specific environment by adjusting various parameters, and then see how the fire spreads, what kind of movements the resulting smoke has, and what concentration of toxic gases. And temperature is released. This information will be very valuable for the safer design of buildings and residential areas.

Features and specifications of PyroSim software:

  • Ability to import CAD models including DXF and DWG
  • Use several types of texture or mesh
  • Parallel processing to improve FDS execution speed
  • User interface translated into several different languages
  • HVAC system support
  • Ability to import existing FDS models
  • Having a library of different specifications to increase model production speed and reduce errors
  • Ability to interactively edit objects in the model
  • Having different design tools to quickly create the models you want
  • SmokeView support for viewing smoke, temperature, acceleration and other FDS output parameters at any time during the analysis process
  • Full support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • Ability to simulate a cluster on the basis of a network of computers
  • Ability to convert FDS4 models to FDS5

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder; The crack is related to the 2017 version of Thunderhead Engineering products, which also activates the latest version.

This version was installed on 9D98 in Windows 10 64-bit version and – as shown in the image – successfully activated.

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