TikTok was blocked again in Pakistan for publishing vulgar content

TikTok was blocked again in Pakistan for publishing vulgar content

TikTok was blocked again in Pakistan

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Peshawar, Pakistan, has issued an urgent ruling announcing that TikTok will be blocked for publishing immoral content in the country. This is the second time Pakistan has blocked TikTok.

Pakistan has once again blocked TikTok for publishing inappropriate content. According to Varge , this is the second time that the controversial platform under the management of BitDense has been blocked in Pakistan.

In October of last year (October and November 2014), Tik Tak was blocked for 10 days in Pakistan. The social network was blocked at the time for hosting “immoral” and “inappropriate” videos; Of course, after 10 days, Bytodens was able to reassure Pakistani government officials that it was monitoring the videos “in accordance with social norms and laws,” and TikTok resumed operations in Pakistan a few days after the blockade.

According to statistics, TikTok has tens of millions of users in Pakistan; But the Peshawar High Court has ordered the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block the social network. “Respecting the ruling of the Peshawar High Court, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has issued the necessary instructions to the service providers to immediately block access to TikTok,” the PTA press release read. “During a hearing today, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued an order to block the application.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Perhaps a particular trend in ticking or video on this social network is to blame for blocking it in Pakistan. Al-Jazeera reports that the complaint was filed by Qaisar Rashid Khan , a senior judge at the Peshawar High Court. According to Qaisar Rashid Khan, TikTok hosts videos that are “unacceptable to Pakistani society.” According to the Financial Times, Khan, claiming to have played a role in “publishing vulgar content”, ordered in a hearing on Thursday that the blocking of the social network be immediately taken to the operational stage.

TikTok issued a statement to Warge stating: “TikTok is based on creative thinking and has strong security capabilities implemented to keep inappropriate content off the platform. We have a local language monitoring team in Pakistan and provide mechanisms to report and remove content that violates our user community guidelines. “We look forward to continuing to serve the millions of users and creators of  TikTok Toe in Pakistan who have found a home for creativity and entertainment.”

This is not the first time Tic Tac has encountered this. This social network has been blocked or restricted many times around the world. One of the most significant events in the history of  TikTok was the blocking of this social network throughout India.

After a row with the Trump administration , TikTok toe has been the headline of many tech media outlets for a long time. Trump claimed at the time that the tick would make American users’ information available to the Chinese government and that he would have to reach an agreement with an American company to continue operating in the United States. The US TikTok unit was said to be a subsidiary of an American company, and a contract was eventually signed between TikTok and Oracle.