TMS Async32 for D3-XE10.3 Full Source

TMS Async32 is a set of efficient components for easy connection to the serial port in Delphi and C ++ Builder applications. These components help developers to connect asymmetrically to this port and do so without blocking other program activities in the background, and after sending or receiving information, the final result is provided to the program. The components of this suite are based on event-driven architecture, which will provide maximum performance for programmers.

The structure of the classes and methods of these components is advanced and principled, and the design of the user interface is easily possible. This product supports most important communication protocols and standards in this field and is able to communicate with all serial ports of any kind. In the meantime, efficient components have also been considered to build COM servers. This product supports XModem, YModem and ZModem protocols built-in, and the visual components of this set require the least amount of coding. Along with these components, there are complete examples and guides for both Delphi and C ++ Builder environments that you can quickly learn about.

Features and characteristics of TMS Async32:

  • Event-driven architecture and asynchronous connection with the serial port
  • Perform connection operations in the background without blocking other activities of your software
  • Optimal performance and maximum efficiency
  • Advanced and tidy class structure
  • Supports a variety of protocols and standards
  • Built-in support for XModem, YModem & ZModem protocols
  • It has a terminal component without the need for coding and can be expanded as an interface
  • Graphic components to display connection status
  • Work with any type of serial ports
  • Integration with the program executable file

Installation guide

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