TMS Aurelius for D2010-XE10.3 Source Code

TMS Aurelius is the ORM framework for Delphi with full support for data manipulation, advanced and hard queries, and more.

TMS Aurelius brings all the benefits that the program can get using the ORM framework:

  • Productivity: Avoid complex SQL statements , which can only be validated at runtime.
  • Maintenance: Clearer logic by dealing with objects, hiding the entire database access layer
  • Portability: Easily change the underground database. All your business codes remain, because they are just pure objects

Features and specifications of AMS Aurelius Framework:

  • Supports multiple databases (MS SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, DB2, Interbase, Oracle,…)
  • Supports access to multiple databases (dbExpress, AnyDac, SQLDirect, ADO, IBX,…)
  • Multi-platform solution for Win32, Win64, macOS, VCL, FireMonkey
  • Save, update and load existing objects in an object-oriented way
  • TAureliusDataSet for fast and easy interaction to DB-aware control in VCL
  • Multi-model design to allow different mapping models in a single application
  • Query – Powerful query API using the terms meaning, prediction, grouping, conditions and even logical operators in an approach like LINQ
  • Database Crossing – Use a single Delphi code to target multiple databases transparently
  • Mapping directly to classes using custom features
  • Manage the lifespan of objects using Object Manager
  • Automatic production of database structure
  • Open Architecture – Easy to use for using various component sets or database servers
  • Allows to plot enumerated types into database values
  • Allows you to enter SQL statements

Installation guide

Components are usually published as a complete or cracked source.

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Download TMS Aurelius

Download TMS Business Core Library

Download TMS Aurelius 4.3 Full Source

Download TMS Aurelius 3.10 for D2010-XE10.2 Full Source

Download TMS Aurelius_3.9 with Sources and Pre-Compiled for Tokyo

Download TMS Aurelius_3.10 with Source Code for Delphi Seattle Berlin Tokyo

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