TMS Business Subscription for Rio 10.3

TMS Business Subscription for Rio 10.3

TMS Business is a collection of programming components for Delphi programmers. TMS Sparkle is one of the components of this package, which is actually a framework for network and Internet programming in Delphi. This component provides a set of classes for both client and server applications that programmers can use to do things like Send HTTP requests to the server or create server applications to process these requests. Sparkle supports a variety of platforms from Windows to Mac, iOS and Android, and is also one of the core components of other components in the series, such as RemoteDB and XData.

TMS Aurelius The next component of this series is a powerful ORM framework for Delphi programmers that can be used to connect to the database and have any kind of information transaction with it, using this component to be able to write queries. You will be advanced and sophisticated, with support for inheritance, polymorphism, and other powerful features that give you everything you need to manage and work with databases in your application.

RemoteDB is another component of the TMS Business package, which is itself a set of components for creating Delphi-independent, platform-independent, scalable, three-layer database applications. Using RemoteDB, you can create database applications to run SQL operations on http remote servers instead of database servers. This feature makes it possible to convert current client / server applications to real three-tier applications with minimal code changes.

Finally, XData is a powerful framework for developing remote ORMs and multi-layered REST / JSON HTTP / HTTPS server applications that provide programmers with many capabilities in this area.

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