TMS CETools for D5-XE10.2

TMS CETools for D5-XE10.2

TMS CETools has 13 components for seamless communication between Delphi applications and Pocket PCs.

Features and specifications of TMS CETools:

• TCESystemInfo : Recovers system information
• TCeregistry : Ability to write and read to Pocket PC registry
• TCEFindFile : Ability to find files on Pocket PC
• TCEFileOperations : Copy, move, delete files on Pocket PC and between Pocket PCs and desktops

It should be noted that copying multiple files between Pocket PCs and desktops is another feature of this component.

• TCEDatabaseOperations : Convert / transfer MDB files Access Pocket PC cdb files and vice versa
• TCEDatabase : Access Pocket PC databases
• TCECcontacts : Access Pocket PC contacts database
• TCEAppointments : Access Database Centers Pocket PC
• TCETasks : Access the Pocket PC Task Database
• TCECategories : Access the Pocket PC Category List
• TCERunApp : Run a desktop application on a Pocket PC
• TCEShortCut : Create a desktop shortcut on a Pocket PC
TCERemoteFunction : Call remote DLL functions on a Pocket PC

Support for PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 *, 6 *

TMS CETools Highlights:

  • The important point for using smartphones to access the smartphone database via desktop computer through TMS CETools is to have full access to RAPI, which can be done with the RAPIPolicy tool.
  • To run a CAB file in PocketPC from a desktop computer, the TCERunApp component can be used as follows:

CERunApp.ApplicationName: = ‘\ Windows \ wceload.exe’;
CERunApp.CommandLine: = ‘”\ My Documents \ MyApp.CAB”‘;

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