TMS FMX / VCL Cloud Pack for XE2-XE10.2

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TMS Cloud Pack is a library of different components for connecting to cloud services in Windows applications. There are several versions of this component for Delphi, .NET, fmx, LCL, IW, the version we intend to introduce is for Delphi programmers. Suppose in your Windows application you want to display files stored in Google Drive, or use Gmail or Facebook authentication to log in to the program, you can exchange with Google Maps, or even ask for payments through Provide PayPal and Strip services to your app users. TMS Cloud Pack provides all of these features without the need for additional coding in the form of regular APIs. This library includes various components for connecting to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Terlo, YouTube and.. The complete list of these services along with the classification of the type of service is as follows:

Clear information management services
Google Places, Google Tasks, Google Calendar , Google Contacts, Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live Contacts, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts, iCloud contacts, iCloud calendar, WebDAV, CardDAV, CalDAV

Cloud storage service
Apple CloudKit, DropBox, Onedrive, Google DataStore, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Box, Pryv, Amazon, HiDrive, Hubic,

data connection TDataSet-based data connection for CloudKit and Google DataStore

Cloud based photo storage services
Picasa, Flickr, Instagram

Spatial data
FourSquare, Google Maps address data

Social networks
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trello

PayPal payment services , Stripe

And other cloud services
YouTube API, Weather Underground, URL Shortener, PushOver, Twilio, Esendex, BulkSMS, TelAPI, CloudConvert, Barcodes4.Me, Google Analytics, Google Mail, Exceptionless

Installation guide

Copy the files in the Crack folder to the software installation location according to the Readme.txt file.

download link

TMS FMX Cloud Pack

Download TMS_FMX Cloud_Pack_3.3.6.0_for_XE6-XE10.2

Download TMS_FMX Cloud_Pack_3.3.5.0_for_XE6-XE10.2

TMS VCL Cloud Pack

Download TMS VCL Cloud Pack (SRC) v4.0.2.0

Download TMS Cloud_Pack_3.8.6.0_for_XE2-XE10.2

Download TMS Cloud_Pack_3.8.5.0_for_XE2-XE10.2

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