TMS FMX UI Pack is a collection of various and functional components for coding in the Firemanki platform in different versions of Delphi. The components of this suite cover a wide range of programming and design needs. All components can be fully customized and styled. In this collection, there are various components for building multimedia programs in the form of cross-platform on a firemanki platform. Items such as graphic clocks with different styles that change the seconds, minutes and hours with the smooth movements of the hands. The clock in this component is set automatically. The other component is the compass, which will have its own applications in meteorological programs, map work and related.

There are controls that can be rotated to adjust the desired values, you have probably seen these controls in abundance in music and DJ programs such as FL Studio. LED controls that can be used to display values ​​and degrees and scales. Controls for displaying light dance in sound and music applications. There are controls for displaying text on matrix and LED grids that are very interesting. On and off switches, charts for displaying histograms and frequency charts, seven-segment controls for displaying numbers, spinners, calendars and many other functional controls. One of the prominent features of this product is the possibility of customizing different controls graphically. You can customize the controls according to your taste and needs without the need to change the code using graphical interfaces.

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Published versions are usually source code and complete.

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Download TMS FMX UI Pack Source Code + Demos

Download TMS FMX UI Pack Source Code

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