TMS FNC Blox XE7-XE10.2

TMS FNC Blox XE7-XE10.2

The tms fnc blox component  allows programmers to add the ability to draw charts and flowcharts to their own program.

Features and specifications of TMS FNC Blox:

  • Ability to paint blocks and lines with the best quality
  • Open Architecture ( Open architecture ) to build custom blocks and the possibility of class-based inheritance
  • Flowchart standby, electrical flash blocks ( electric block )
  • Allows the points to which the links are connected to be customizable and allows the information to be connected to the block
  • Ability to design blocks in gradient, shadow and bitmap
  • Customize blocks completely: brush, brush, color, color selection, minimum width and height
  • Customize block text: horizontal and vertical alignment, font, word closure, cut
  • Link points in blocks can be programmed
  • Custom Line Links: Font, Source Flash Shape, Target Flash Shape
  • Arc and Bezier lines, polygonal objects
  • Supported block rotation (including text, bitmap and gradient)
  • Separate TTMSFNCBloxToolBar component for easy diagram editing without any line of code
  • Snap grid diagram
  • Diagram rules
  • Save / load charts for / from files and streams
  • Zoom in and out
  • Panning
  • Clipboard operation, remove and add object, zoom and more.

Installation guide

To install the program, all you have to do is select and install the executable file according to your IDE. At the end of the installation, before running the IDE, go to the crack directory and copy the IDE-compliant edit to the program installation location.

download link

Download TMS FNC Blox_1.0.2.5 XE7-XE10.2

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