TMS FNC UI Pack for Sydney

TMS FNC UI Pack for Sydney


TMS FNC UI Pack is a product of TMS Software that has powerful controls and rich features for four frameworks and five operating systems.

TMS FNC control can be used simultaneously in these frameworks:

TMS FNC control can be used simultaneously in these operating systems / browsers:


TMS FNC Controls can be used simultaneously in these IDEs:


Features and specifications of TMS FNC UI Pack component:

This product has a large number of components, which we will discuss the features of the grade component in the following:


  • Ability to select a single cell or select a range of cells
  •  Ability to automatically adjust columns by double-clicking on the column
  • Ability for the highest settings and flexibility in the grid
  • Supports custom cell types
  • Fix columns on the left or right, fix rows at the top or bottom.
  • Multiple selection modes: single & multi cell, column, row, distinct cell, row, column
  • Ability to support cells with HTML text and hyperlinks
  • Editing with a range of built-in editors and the ability to use custom editors
  • Support for grouping, and group calculations such as mean, sum, minute, maximum, custom calculation…
  • Filter with optional automatic filter via drop-down menu
  • Sort columns
  • Customization using keyboard and mouse: tab, enter, insert, delete
  • Customizable touch scrolling for iOS / Android
  • Clipboard support
  • HTML Export
  • PDF Export
  • Excel Import / Export

required system 

for XE7, XE8, XE10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo

See Also  VisioForge Media Player SDK D6-XE10.3

Installation guide

To install the program, all you have to do is select and install the executable file according to your IDE. At the end of the installation, before running the IDE, go to the crack directory and copy the IDE-compliant edit to the program installation location.

download link

Download TMS_FNC UI Pack Sydney
Download TMS_FNC_UI_Pack_v2.5.1_XE7-D10.3
Download TMS FNC UI Pack XE7-XE10.2
Download TMS FNC UI Pack XE7-XE10.2
Download TMS FNC UI Pack XE7-XE10.2
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