TMS Instrumentation Workshop (D10.3) / 2.0 (D10.2)

TMS Instrumentation Workshop is a powerful library for working with sound and music in Delphi and C ++ Builder. This library is a rich collection of different components, methods and routines that are specifically used to build multimedia and audio-based applications in the languages ​​mentioned.

TMS Instrumentation Workshop has more than 80 music controls including sound oscillator, sliders and control knobs, buttons, numerical controls, analog and digital time displays, checkboxes and radio buttons with different modes, various 2D and 3D charts , Light dance displays, sensors and various functional panels that can also be customized.

For example, using this library, it is possible to create a complete and advanced music player or an audio file editor. Although most of this library consists of graphical controls, some of the components in this collection are non-visual and can only be used in code. For example, components for searching files on disk, disabling duplicate programs (ie preventing multiple versions of your program from being opened), multi-threaded and simultaneous processing, copying files, adding icons and progress bar to system tray , Check the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock state statuses and….

Delphi and C ++ Builder programmers will be able to build faster and easier multimedia applications based on the capabilities and capabilities of this suite, and will not need to rework and rewrite the components for many common tasks.

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