TMS MultiTouch SDK D2010-XE10.2

TMS MultiTouch SDK D2010-XE10.2

The TMS MultiTouch SDK is used to create multimedia applications or touch sales systems. Using this component, you can create multi-touch applications for yourself or your customers. In addition, multi-touch applications allow you to display them on 32-inch to 60-inch monitors.

Features and Features

  • How to use items: rotate, scale, pan, zoom, move,…
  • Display modes for items: Cascade, Grid, Position, Random, Stacked and Transform
  • Items can have an image, text, or a combination of text and image
  • Items can have separate controls
  • The Visualizer concept allows you to display any type of file
  • Custom design on items
  • Change background area (pan, zoom, scale)
  • Available methods for rotating the plate (0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees)
  • Different modes for each item: normal, selected
  • Row / column settings in grid mode
  • Includes a wide range of TMS Smooth Controls tools that allow you to display lists, calendars, touch keyboard, windows, buttons,… and much more similar to iPhone / iPad

Sample applications TMS MultiTouch SDK

  • PhotoAlbum : Collect photos in different categories in columns, browse photos and manipulate your photos by touch
  • MagazineLibrary : Provides digital books and magazines and allows you to select and view PDFs through magazine pages
  • Music browser : An interactive multimedia app showing music genres, artists, albums and lets you select and play
  • ElectronicBoard : Create charts and information screens interactively by touch

Installation guide

To install the program, all you have to do is select and install the executable file according to your IDE. At the end of the installation, before running the IDE, go to the crack directory and copy the IDE-compliant edit to the program installation location.

download link

Download TMS_MultiTouch_SDK_v.

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