TMS RemoteDB v2.0.0.2 DXE2-Rio

TMS RemoteDB A collection of Delphi componentsIt is platform-independent, scalable and three-layer for building efficient database applications. Using the components of this set, you can easily write programs that send requests to the server with SQL commands and receive the result in your program. The architecture of this component is in three layers and the logic of the codes, the appearance of the program and the connection codes to the database are completely separate from each other, so you can change each layer separately. This component uses memory optimally and has a very high speed in relation to the server and receiving query results. You can also use FireDac, dbExpress, UniDac, etc. RemoteDB Server listens to HTTP requests and as soon as it receives a request from clients, it forwards it to the main database on the server with the help of a special component, and after running the query, the result is returned to the client.

You can select the component that executes SQL statements from a wide range of adapters such as FireDac, dbExpress, dbGo (ADO). In addition, all TXDataset components are linked to the TRemoteDBDatabase component. Since it is possible to select a wide range of database access components by this product, you will get many benefits, including the possibility of customizing server-side settings, and you will also be able to use your previous knowledge about components. Had. On the client side, you also get benefits such as sending requests over the HTTPS protocol and clear control of packets. HTTP clients of this product are available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

Features and specifications of TMS RemoteDB component:

  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)
  • scalable
  • High speed in processing and executing queries
  • Optimal use of memory
  • Ability to use the components available next to this product

Installation guide

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