TMS VCL / FMX WebGMaps for XE2-XE10.2

TMS WebGMaps is a component for using Google Maps in applications written in Delphi and C ++ Builder. This component gives you a wide range of configurations and settings. With this component, programmers are able to have the powerful capabilities of Google Maps in their applications and enjoy the benefits of an accurate and efficient map. It should be noted that Google Maps is one of the most accurate maps available, which is constantly updated by the development team.

TMS VCL WebGMaps is a valuable, highly configurable component for integrating Google Maps into Delphi and C ++ Builder applications. You may need to use a map based on a map or part of a program, the main function of which you build, and as we all know, Google Gamp is definitely one of the best in this field if it is not the only map and routing program. Using this component, you can program Google Maps in various modes of satellite, road, hybrid, street view, etc. In this map, it is also possible to view traffic information and navigation between two points.

This component gives you a wide range of settings and options to adjust the appearance of the map and its various controls. You can easily provide your users with the ability to output BMP, JPG and PNG with one click. There are also various shortcuts for mouse and keyboard that can be enabled or disabled. For example, you can disable the zoom feature on the map or lock only at a certain zoom. You can adjust the function for the middle mouse button, or you can change the intended shortcuts. It is possible to add labels and markers on the map. You can also display flight paths with markers.

Features and specifications of TMS WebGMaps component:

  •  Support for various map modes including: Normal road map mode, satellite mode, hybrid mode and terrain
  • Ability to display more details such as bike view, metadata such as images and favorites, traffic status and…
  • Ability to navigate and display on the map
  • Ability to select road view mode
  • Ability to add your own default Google marker or your own custom marker
  • Extensive settings on various maps
  • Ability to add polygons, circles and rectangles to different parts of the map
  • Ability to add tags to position markers
  • Ability to get accurate longitude and latitude coordinates of the specified location
  • Ability to convert point to address
  • Ability to auto-complete addresses while searching
  • Ability to receive the local time of the desired point
  • Various settings for mouse and keyboard with the ability to enable and disable
  • Ability to display point-to-point air routes based on latitude and longitude
  • Ability to display the steps specified in the map in html format
  • Ability to prepare images from the map and save them in various formats such as jpg, png, bmp
  • Add Google Maps to Delphi and C ++ Builder without any hassle
  • Ability to enable and disable shortcuts and basic map features such as zoom, scroll, scroll, etc.
  • Ability to add tags and markers to display specific locations
  • Show flight routes on the map
  • Ability to generate output in BMP, JPG and PNG format
  • Ability to get latitude and longitude anywhere in the map

Installation guide

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Download TMS_FMX_WebGMaps_v2.9.4.1

Download TMS FMX WebGMaps_2.9.1.1 XE8-XE10.2 Full Source

Download TMS VCL WebGMaps_2.9.8.2 for XE2-XE10.2

Download TMS VCL WebGMaps_2.9.8.1 for XE2-XE10.2

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