TMS Workflow Studio 2.12 D2007-XE10.3

TMS Workflow Studio is a VCL framework for business process management (BPM or Business Process Management) in Delphi and C ++ Builder. Using this software, you can easily add workflow capabilities and various business processes to your programs, and of course, it will be possible to create workflows by end users of your program.

The Persian Wikipedia for BPM has this definition:

Business process management includes concepts, methods, and techniques for designing, monitoring, configuring , executing, and analyzing business processes . These processes involve individuals, organizations , systems , and other sources of information .

A number of business processes that can be automated by the TMS Workflow Studio framework:

  • Order management
  • Sales Management
  • Recruitment and selection processes
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Product warranty management
  • Distribution and deployment of software
  • Product specifications and requirements
  • Track expenses and expenses

Visual design of workflow, their execution and management of tasks created by workflows, are the main functions of this framework. Using this framework and its components, Delphi and C ++ Builder programmers will have access to all the features needed to build and manage business processes (or business processes) and will also have the ability to do so in their application. Install so that end users can build different BPMs.

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