TNO DIANA FEMGV 7.2-01 x64

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FEMGV is an all-purpose analytics software for finite element preprocessing and post-processing as well as computational fluid dynamics. This product has a very wide user community and this expansion of the consumer market is due to the special features of this software. For example, good visualization of the program even for complex models, attractive graphical interface, the possibility of good customization of the program, a variety of different solutions to solve problems, compatibility with most CAD software and the like can be the reasons for this widespread trend. Something you may rarely find in similar products.

This software accepts a wide range of CAD formats as input models of the program, which at the same time provides you with a wide range of tools and capabilities for customizing imported models. Specifications such as material model, threshold or boundary conditions, pressure tests and measurement of mesh flexibility can be performed directly on imported models. This program has a powerful two-dimensional and three-dimensional generator mesh that produces elements for linear scales, element-based or based on the volume of meshes you want. One of the special capabilities of this product is that it has different interfaces for important engineering software. For example, easily use the capabilities of this program in software such as Ensys, ABAQUS, DIANA and.. This program can be used in two batch or graphic working models. The output of the program is of high quality and can be stored and printed in various formats.

Features and characteristics of FEMGV software:

  • Ability to import a variety of CAD formats
  • It has different interfaces for a wide range of FEA and CFD software
  • Ability to work on multiple files in batches through defined commands
  • Ability to develop new interfaces provided by libraries
  • Ability to rotate, resize, zoom and other common functions on the model
  • Ability to display the model in wireframe format
  • Ability to use light sources and shadows to make the model realistic
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Excellent app customization

Installation guide

After installation, copy the file in the Crack‌ folder to the software installation location.

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