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The TomTom router app – TomTom – is set to be a viable alternative to Google Maps and is now available in the Huawei Gallery app.


Google Maps was one of the applications that was not present in the company’s smartphones after the American companies stopped cooperating with Huawei. The TomTom router app is supposed to fill this gap and meet your needs.

The TomTom router app is now available to Huawei audiences

This map and navigation software will be completely free for the first 30 days, but then you have to pay 1.99 Euros per month or 12.99 Euros per year to be allowed to use it.

Tom Tom Router

TomTom signed a contract with Huawei in January 2020 to produce various proprietary software for them. The Dutch tech company has now officially confirmed that its main collaboration with Huawei will be on navigation, routing and mapping services.

Following the US embargo on Huawei, the company could not find a suitable alternative to Google Maps until the release of the P40 series , but they did their best to fix the problem at the earliest opportunity. During this time, many peripherals such as HERE WeGo appeared in the App Gallery, but none were able to compete with Google Maps. Aware of this, Huawei has tried to bring TomTom very close to Google’s popular navigation program.

Tom Tom Router

This app is also available offline but you have to download a number of maps, you can also add your home and work address to the map. The TomTom router app does not have some of the features of Google Maps, such as special offers for various activities and public services, but it provides detailed maps and meets your needs to find your way. In addition, in this software you can see the amount of traffic, the location of speed cameras and the appropriate shortcuts.

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