Toon Boom Harmony Premium 20.0.3 Build 16743 Win / 12.1.1 macOS
Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony Premium 20.0.3 Build 16743 Win / 12.1.1 macOS


Toon Boom Harmony is one of the most creative and efficient animation software that has become one of the unrivaled products in the market by observing the standards of this industry. User-friendly interface and various animation tools of this software have caused the time of making animation to be minimized and the high flexibility of this program makes it synchronize with the work style of each artist. The efficient and creative environment of this software provides you with everything you need to build a project. The digital design tools of this program and its combination with traditional tools give you the ability to create beautiful works of art.

Toon Boom Harmony has introduced effective tools in animating the object or animated character that will increase the speed of production. In this program, it is possible to combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures for unique hybrid products, and finally, this tool, with the support of OpenFX, allows you to use new effects and details.

Features and specifications of Toon Boom Harmony software:

  • Powerful brush making engine to create original artwork
  • Supports a wide range of colors and patterns to breathe life into the designs
  • Make animation without the need for paper
  • Ability to deform objects, which is one of the strengths of this program.
  • Ability to combine two- and three-dimensional objects and create hybrid works
  • Support for OpenFX plugin to enhance application effects
  • Accurate shading
  • High performance in animation production
  • Possibility of creating rain, fire, dust and و
  • Ability to create two-dimensional animations for games with support for game engines such as Unity
  • Good ability to move animated characters
  • Support for Wacom tablets for stylus design
  • Flexible user interface
  • Ability to output various audio, video, video and و formats.
  • Ability to get output for Unity game engine
  • Ability to import multi-layer PSD files, Illustrator files, pdf and…
  • Ability to write scripts
  • And …

System Required Toon Boom Harmony

Software requirements

Operating System
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit)

Mac OS X 10.13.3
Mac OS X 10.12.3
Mac OS X 10.11.5
Mac OS X 10.10.5

Hardware requirements

2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 processor or higher


700 MB available hard disk space for the software

requirement is
1280 x 800


Video Card
NVIDIA® fully supporting
OpenGL with 512 MB RAM
Video Card

Video card fully supporting
OpenGL with 512 MB RAM

Drawing Tablet
Wacom Intuos Pro
or Wacom Cintiq – Best
Wacom Bamboo
or Wacom Intuos – Basic


Toon Boom Harmony

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Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Toon Boom Harmony Premium 20.0.3 Build 16743 x64
Download ToonBoom Harmony Premium 16.0 Build 14155 FiXED3
Download Toon Boom Harmony 12 Premium 12.1.1 Mac OSX
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