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Toon Boom Studio is one of the best software for learning and making 2D animations, which is available for students and enthusiasts in this field, as well as teachers and schools that are looking for an easy-to-use yet comprehensive program for teaching and learning. It’s very convenient to give all the animation techniques.Toon Boom Studio with a simple application and engine of several animation techniques at your service. This software increases your animation power by collecting the most advanced animation techniques such as Bones Animation, Cut Out, Stop-motion, Rotoscoping and its powerful engine. This software uses digital animators to process digital movies. Placing objects in three-dimensional space and managing them can show a special effect for you. Using Toon Boom Studio software, you can create cartoon characters and turn it into a project.Toon Boom Studio software supports graphic and video formats.

Features and Features of Toon Boom Studio:

Ability to import scanned images from drawings or camera photos

Ability to use the Bone Tool to move the animation skeleton

Create art paintings with advanced tools

Has a color palette to change colors during all stages of animation

Synchronize mouth movement with sound

Using the most advanced animation techniques

Create animations with animated elements

Access the library to use existing facilities or reuse the content of other projects

Adjust camera movement

Has fully advanced design tools

Generate output animation in various formats for web, Facebook, YouTube, iPad, iPhone and…

Apply effects, shadows and…

Compatibility with all types of windows

Animation preview

Has Instant motion engine for automatic movement

Easy to make 2D animation

Use the animator for the animation process

Having completely new scene transfer effects

Create two-dimensional images

Ability to store project files

Having a motor that synchronizes lip movement with sound

Camera movement

Has multiple content creation options

Ability to add explosive effects

Use objects in three-dimensional space

Has a library of pictures in the app to help novice users

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