Top and essential Windows software in 2021

essential Windows software
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Top and essential Windows software in 2021

Have you got a new device or installed a new Windows on your computer and do not know what programs to install?

You may even wonder why these programs are considered necessary.

In order to run your device properly, in addition to device security, there are programs that you must install.

To make your device work better for you.

In this article, 

We will talk about the 10 main programs needed to install on your Windows.


WhatsApp Desktop


If you do not want to depend on a web browser to use WhatsApp, install WhatsApp Desktop on your device.

With this program, you can synchronize all your chats with your laptop or PC.

So you can chat with your friends and family via desktop.

This app is especially useful at work, when you do not want to use your mobile phone constantly.

WhatsApp software is free and available from the site itself.

Google Chrome


It is one of the most popular web browsers today due to its simple and understandable user interface.

The search bar page and search results are convenient for anyone and can be understood in desktop and mobile versions.

No matter what device you are using, you can enable sync and access all your information, browser history, saved passwords and more.

It’s also easy to customize your browser with over 150,000 extensions, which is more than any other web browser.

Chrome is definitely one of the best Windows apps you can have for web access.

Top and essential Windows software in 2020

VLC is the best video player for Windows

VLC was launched in 2001 and is one of the best Windows video streaming software due to its powerful features.

This is a free and open source multimedia player.

Which can decrypt a wide range of video files from MPEG to MKV files and more.

In addition, it can play DVDs and CDs.

VLC makes it easy for you to watch movies.

For example, you can watch parts of a movie before you finish.

If you download a movie in a ZIP file, you can watch it without having to extract any files.

In addition, there are many extensions, skins and shortcuts.

Which makes VLC one of the most customizable media players available.

Internet Download Manager

Your downloads should be organized systematically to make it easier to search for downloaded files.

A download manager lets you control your downloads that your browser is not strong enough to provide.

Another advantage of download management software is that you can pause, stop, and reload the downloaded file.

And resume the download every time the address is valid.

IDM is a well-known free software and is one of the best and most common download management software available.


No one knows the Office suite and we have all definitely used it.

This set of programs is used for the daily personal and administrative work of the modem.

Such as word processing, spreadsheet management, creating student presentations, email and calendar management, database management and note-taking.

Microsoft Office is the most popular software used today.

Any Desk

AnyDesk software is a tool for remote control of a personal system on the Internet.

This software has attracted a lot of attention from Internet users due to its very low volume and high speed.

Annie Desk is available for download on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile operating systems.




WinRAR is a powerful compressor program.

With it, you can make your files smaller than before, depending on the format.

This program can produce archives in ZIP, RAR and EXE formats.

In the case of the third template, you will no longer need the WinRAR program to open the archive.


Zip files and send via email, open a previously zipped file.

Extract the original file and save it, split a large file and copy it to a CD or DVD, split a file that has already been split into several parts.

With this software, you can also define a password while creating a zip file.

To use the zipped contents requires entering a password.

Adobe Reader

Software for displaying PDF files.
This software (or similar software such as Nitro PDf) is one of the most useful software.
Which is necessary and used in all computers.
PDF is a global standard for publishing information.
A PDF file can contain one or more pages, which also include numbers, text, images, and so on.
One of the uses of PDF is to publish e-books on the Internet.

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