Top PlayStation 5 games
PlayStation 5

Top PlayStation 5 games

With the release of the PlayStation 5 at the end of 2020, the world of video games entered the ninth generation of home consoles. Below we take a look at the new titles that have been introduced for the PS5 console so far.

God of War: Ragnarok

In 2018, with the release of God of War, Sony breathed new life into the body of this old series, so that to date, more than 20 million copies of this game have been sold. The 2018 version was outstanding not only commercially but also artistically, and won the Best Game of the Year award despite the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. The new version of the title, which is set to be released for the PlayStation 5, will tell the story of Kritos and his son in the apocalypse of North World, namely Regnrack, and it seems that this apocalypse will begin in the new version. According to God of War: Ragnarok, Sony’s in-house studio is the most important current project, so much so that even PlayStation Studios director Herman Holst described it as his most anticipated game. According to the events of the previous version, Kritos and Atris are expected to fight Thor the god Thunder in this episode. Although no photos or videos of Ragnarok have been released yet, many of the riddles of the previous episode are expected, including what happened to the giants and where Phi predicted the events of the 2018 version; Be answered. There are currently rumors that this episode may be released for the PlayStation 4, although nothing has been confirmed or denied yet. To learn more about this collection Read the story of the God of War game in Game Center.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

At the time of the unveiling of the PS5 console, Sony had a special focus on its SSD and its high speed. A memory that is not only to reduce loading but also to affect the design of next generation games. Sony’s document for this is Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. The latest version of Recht and Klank, which will not only be released exclusively for the PS5, but can also be considered a shock for ninth generation titles. The most important feature of this version is to change worlds in a fraction of a second; A feature that has been admired by millions of gamers. In this part, Recht and Klank are used to prevent the evil empire that intends to destroy different dimensions. The interesting thing is the presence of a new character in this episode, a character who, like Recht, is from the Lombx race. According to game news This new character will be playable. Like other expensive PlayStation 5 exclusive titles, this game will benefit from retrying, 3D sound and dual-sense features. It is said that this game will run with real 4K resolution and a speed of 30 frames per second. The game also has another mode that allows you to run at 60 frames per second with a lower resolution – possibly 1440P. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart will be launched on June 12, 1400.

Astro’s Playroom

With the launch of the ninth generation of game consoles, Sony has decided to offer a free title to PS5 buyers. A title called Astro’s Playroom, which was created by the Japanese first party studio Asobi Team. While the game shows were mediocre, the final product turned out to be an exciting and quality work. This free PS5 game is actually a shock to show the features of the PS5 console and especially the Dual Sense controller. Astro’s Playroom is actually a 3D platformer game that introduces you to the new features of the PS5 controller throughout the gameplay. The game environment itself is inspired by the PS5 hardware structure, and each environment actually represents a piece of hardware. From CPU and GPU console to SSD memory. Each of these four worlds has 4 stages and in these stages you will encounter many famous PlayStation titles with Easter egg. In fact, Astro’s Playroom is a fun game for those who have grown up with PlayStation console heroes over the years and can meet them again in this game. It is interesting to know that Astro’s Playroom started as a single demo to show the power of Dual Sense, but later became an independent game, and now PS5 buyers can.

Introducing PlayStation 5 games

Demon’s Souls

Hidtaka Miyazaki’s masterpiece, after 11 years, has another chance to shine, and this time PS5 users can experience it with impressive graphics. The new Demon’s Souls, although very similar to the original version released for the PS3 in 2009, thanks to the powerful PlayStation 5 hardwareNow many users who were deprived of the experience of this game can experience Miyazaki’s first masterpiece. The biggest strength of this remake is the addition of a new graphic mode that allows you to experience the game at 1440P resolution at 60 frames per second. The story of this game takes place in the territory of Baltaria. A land that has been trapped in a mysterious fog for years and evil creatures have taken life away from them by conquering the souls of human beings. This is where the anonymous hero of the story enters the story and decides to discover the secrets of this land and put an end to the endless oppression of the devils. Unlike most current day titles in this game, there is no story behind the scenes and the linear narrative style, and it is your duty as the main character of Dimens Souls to reveal the ominous events that took place in Boletaria. Interestingly, the production team did not limit itself to the graphics section, and by rearranging the music and performing it in a fully acoustic church, it gave a new spirit to the sound section. Although Dimmons Souls is still a very difficult title, thanks to its 60fps speed and extremely short loading, the experience is much more enjoyable than ever.

Sackboy and Big Adventure

Sony surprised the audience during the seventh generation with the release of Little Big Planet. In this ninth generation, however, instead of releasing the fourth version of the series, Sony released a side title called Sackboy a Big Adventure. Sackboy A Big Adventure is very similar to Super Mario 3D World, the full version of which has just been released for the Nintendo Switch. A game that did not compete with Super Mario in any way, but managed to show itself under the shadow of this pipe giant and satisfy fans of the platformer on PS5. The story of the game about a strange creature named Vex has invaded Craftworld, the familiar world of the LittleBigPlanet series, and now it is Scooby’s turn to defeat him by going through various stages. Sackboy A Big Adventure puts everything you expect from a standard, 3D platformer. Abilities such as jumping, moving for short distances in the air, hitting the enemy or swinging without special manipulation and similar to other games of this genre are well implemented in this Sumo Digital. The music used in Sackboy A Big Adventure is at the highest possible level. Leaving aside the famous pieces of modern or even classical music, we come to a collection of music specific to the game, each of which varies according to the atmosphere and the design of the stages, and conveys the necessary atmosphere. Sekboy is a great choice for platformer title lovers. Leaving aside the famous pieces of modern or even classical music, we come to a collection of music specific to the game, each of which varies according to the atmosphere and the design of the stages, and conveys the necessary atmosphere. Sekboy is a great choice for platformer title lovers. Leaving aside the famous pieces of modern or even classical music, we come to a collection of music specific to the game, each of which varies according to the atmosphere and the design of the stages, and conveys the necessary atmosphere. Sekboy is a great choice for platformer title lovers.

Introducing PlayStation 5 games

Gran Turismo 7

After years of waiting, fans of the Gran Turismo series can finally experience the new and original version of this series. During the eighth generation, the veteran digital polyphony studio released the Gran Turismo Sport version, which focused on the online segment, instead of the original version. This has caused fans of this series to wait 9 years for the release of the seventh version; Patience that will end next year. According to Yamauchi, the creator of Gran Turismo, the single player and game campaign will be in the seventh part, and the creators have prepared some interesting surprises for this part. It is also found that the menu is similar to the fourth version menu. Other sections such as Championships, Driving School, Tuning Parts Shop, Used Cars dealership and GT Sport Mode are also present in Gran Turismo 7. Yamauchi has promised a huge breakthrough, and the Gran Turismo 7 is set to feature features such as 4K resolution, 60fps, retrieval, HDR, short loading and 3D Audio. Gran Turismo 7 was originally scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021, but due to the corona outbreak, the game was postponed to 2022. Sony fans are hoping that after a few years, the Gran Turismo series will finally be able to appear on the Forza surface.

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