Topcon Tools 8.2.3 + Link 8.2.3

Topcon Tools 8.2.3 + Link 8.2.3

Topcon Tools is excellent software for matching and improving observations of various mapping devices. With this program, it will be very easy to do all kinds of routine and basic tasks in the field of mapping and surveying, which is definitely very important for beginners and even professional surveyors. The program is designed to be very simple and can be easily installed on a variety of systems and different versions of Windows. The user interface of this program is designed to be simple and with a little time you will master all parts of the program.

This software is able to receive and process information from a variety of GNSS receivers. This software also has the ability to process information from other devices and receivers. All received data is stored in the project format in the software and can be accessed and edited at any time. This software supports various geographic coordinate systems and users can select their desired coordinates from the settings section. You can enter or output data in various formats. For example, you can receive data from supported receivers and output another receiver after making the desired edits and changes.

Features and specifications of Topcon Tools:

  • Supports a variety of topcon mapping and data collection devices
  • Modularity of the program
  • Having Total Station, RTK, Post Processing, GIS, Design, and Imaging modules
  • Ability to personalize and adapt to your workflow
  • Display your work by map, equipment, Google Earth, tabular, CAD or 3D

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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