Trace Software Elecworks

Trace Software Elecworks

Elecworks is a CAD electrical software for designing automation projects and electrical installations. Elecworks software offers unlimited innovative features in the design of electrical and automation projects. Features such as: creating custom documents and exchanging information with other parts of the company, with the aim of increasing productivity in your engineering process. This software is based on the installation of digital models of databases or devices. This database allows you to work on different perspectives, depending on the needs of the project to ensure the integrity of the project data, and also allows the subscriber to work on similar projects simultaneously.

Elecworks features and facilities:

  • Electric schematic design
  • Design according to several standards (ANSI, IEC 81346, GB, JIS)
  • Elements classified by location and function
  • Complete symbol library and parts catalog
  • Mutual references between components
  • Automatic numbering of wires and parts
  • Insert potential automatically and manually
  • Simple design using macro
  • Single line diagram coordinated with several precise schematic lines
  • Generation of PLCs, dynamic management and insertion
  • Cable Management
  • Two-dimensional design panel, detailed documentation generation
  • User-friendly interface, project browser, component browser, smart and customizable palette
  • Complete and accessible project management, dynamic and textual
  • Console communication between users, technical specifications
  • Wiring diagrams, intelligent copy and paste, macro for reuse in electrical drawings
  • Multi-line schematic drawing, flexible component management based on location and function
  • Automatically manage and create terminal scripts
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic designs

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file inside the Crack x86 folder. This is an older version and does not work on newer Solidworks, and a newer cracked version is not currently available.

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Download Trace_Software_Elecworks_2.0.2.5_for_SolidWorks

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