TraCeo Autofluid v10c18

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Autofluid is a product of the French company Tracéocad, a collection of CAD software for the design of heating, cooling, air conditioning and plumbing systems in buildings. This product has many customers from international companies to small organizations and offices, so that it is one of the most popular products in this field in France. This package includes 5 application software that is made exactly according to the needs of users and for users. According to the manufacturer, the manufacturers of this product are professionals in the field of fluid engineering and know well how to produce and supply a flawless, practical and simple product.

List of software included in this package:

  1. AUTOGIANE: Design of HVAC systems
  2. AUTOTUBE: CAD program for designing building heating systems
  3. AUTOSAN: For building plumbing
  4. AUTOCOUPLE: Synthesis and spatial analysis of cross-sections made of three-dimensional maps
  5. DZETACAD: Calculation of pressure drop in networks made by two programs AUTOGIANE and AUTOTUBE

Using this package, you can configure and draw technical and detailed drawings with just a few mouse clicks. A large gallery of graphical components for use in the map at your disposal. The designs produced by this product are always clear and reliable, and most importantly, this is done in a very short time. This software, along with AUTOBIM3D program, is also able to model building information or BIM. BIM adds three-dimensional information and details to two-dimensional drawings that, in addition to providing the physical nature, provide you with complete information about the various activities and tasks of that member from the design and construction management stages to the operation stage. Autofluid is installed as an add-on on AutoCAD software .

Features and characteristics of Autofluid:

  • Can be used to design HVAC systems (heating and air conditioning systems)
  • Application for industrial fluid industry and medical and health equipment
  • Graphic and simple application environment
  • Map design in the fastest possible time
  • Ability to integrate with the AUTOBIM program in order to build a three-dimensional model of building information

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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