Training Needs and Training Styles

Training Needs and Training Styles

Every generation has their own philosophy towards training, especially its method for learning soft and hard skills. For instance, all generations favored On-the-job Soft Skills training. However, they differ on the way hard skills should be taught: X-ers and Y-ers prefer an On-thejob training on it, while Traditionals and Boomers prefer Classroom Training.

Discussion groups was the second-most preferred method of learning soft skills for older workers, but it was fifth in the list for X-ers, and third in the choice for Y-ers.

Also, X-ers & Y-ers always desire feedback, so training through Assessment and Feedback was the top method for learning hard skills for them, but older ones are quite sensitive to any kind of feedback.


The areas of training desired by each generation are also quite different.

  • Traditionals and Boomers mostly want training in their areas of expertise, while X-ers and Y-ers want training on leadership.
  • Traditionals and Boomers prefer training on computers while X-ers and Y-ers don’t feel much inclined toward that.
  • Team building is a field of training that attracts Traditionals and X-ers, while Y-ers are more drawn towards problem-solving.

Older workers understand that respect given to employees should be based on age, grade and experience. They are not in favor of the principle, “equal respect to all”. The word “respect” plays a very important part in their professional life and creates a genuine challenge in an organization.