Treatment for panic and tension with medicinal herbs

Treatment for panic and tension with medicinal herbs

As you know, plants in nature have many benefits for human health. The scent of some flowers can reduce physical and mental stress. Some of these plants also need to be digested in order for them to have a significant impact on human health.

If you are looking for new relaxation methods, using herbs can be both beneficial and effective.

Cannabidiol oil for stress:

Using this oil to reduce stress levels may be beneficial. You only need to use CBD oil, which contains only a small amount of THC.

This means that excessive use of this oil is not recommended at all. However, research results and studies show that using this vegetable oil can help  reduce symptoms of stress and mental and physical anxiety  . But since this is a taboo topic, clinical studies on its effect have not been properly conducted.

Ginger for anxiety:

Ginger is a unique and versatile plant. It is available in capsules at local health stores (perfume) and also as a drink and in various foods.

Ginger can combat the physical symptoms of anxiety such as nausea and dizziness. However, overuse of ginger can be dangerous, especially for pregnant women or people taking blood-thinning medications, if you suspect taking this herb, be sure to consult  a professional  .

Chamomile for insomnia:

Not only can chamomile improve symptoms of  stress and anxiety  , but it also helps treat insomnia. It is best to consume this plant as a tea. Then you will be able to drink it. Of course, since chamomile is used to aid sleep, it is best to drink chamomile tea late at night and a few hours before bed.

Like ginger, excessive consumption of chamomile can have negative effects on pregnant women and people who take blood thinners.

Passion flower (rose of the hour) for nausea and nervousness:

Like chamomile, a clock flower can be helpful in reducing anxiety and insomnia. This plant will also fight general anxiety and anger in the form of nausea. The clock flower is available in different shapes. You can make it in the form of tea, capsules, and liquid.

In this case, pregnant women should avoid using this plant because research shows that consuming this plant in pregnant women can cause uterine contractions.

Lavender for relaxation:

Not only can this plant promote physical and mental relaxation, but it also maintains the balance of the body’s hormones and can stimulate the body’s immune system. Lavender is best consumed in oil (its aroma fills the whole house), but you can also use it in tea. Just keep in mind that lavender can cause hormonal problems in immature men (before puberty) so avoid it if you have a little boy at home. Except for the above, lavender (the second name for lavender) is very useful for treating insomnia , and for reducing anxiety and  depression.

Mountain tea for anxiety:

The use of mountain tea has been documented throughout history. Before the use of modern medicine, the use of mountain tea was popular. This plant is commonly used to treat disorders such as anxiety and depression. In fact, it is more effective than Prozac (drug name) in treating depression.

When mountain tea is combined with valerian root, it can help treat insomnia. However, mountain tea has many contraindications. Therefore, be sure to consult a doctor before use.