Tricks to increase Instagram followers

increase Instagram followers

increase Instagram followers

Today, businesses are rapidly becoming online, and online sales of products by social networks have become very popular, especially with the advent of the corona virus. Instagram is very important and useful.

People who are just entering the field of creating an Instagram account expect to be able to start selling their service products very quickly by buying followers and likes for their posts, and to see a general order message for them every day and the addition of new followers.

Improving your Instagram business is time consuming, and the people you already see as successful have been working for days and months to reach an audience.

Here are some of the methods that are useful for beginners and other Instagram users:

– Buy Instagram followers

Regardless of the ads on various sites, since we will give you real followers and female likes, do not expect that everything will end overnight by buying Iranian followers and spending some money, and you will get real followers who, even if the content of the page is real. Your Instagram is to their liking and they do not follow or buy products from you.

Buying a follower has a positive effect on the minds of visitors in such a way that the higher the number of your followers, the more the viewer will show interest in following your page or will increase the buyer’s trust when buying.

Instagram followers

– Attractive design and impressive graphics

The first thing a user will have a positive or negative impact on when they visit your page is the attractiveness and design of your page

Your profile picture, theme, color and mood of your posts, how to write a biography and…

For example, pages whose posts have a special design and a specific format and color are much more attractive to the audience and follow it better.

Get in touch with the peak of graphics to make an Instagram clip

– Continuous and balanced activity

Be active on Instagram, leave comments under the most visited posts to be seen, try to post every day or every other day, or at least leave a story

Note that this activity should be enough, excessive and excessive will cause the opposite result because users who follow you will be bored and heartbroken and may mute or even inflate your page.

Use the Instagram hashtag  # and choose the right time to post:

Users will search and find what they are looking for with a hashtag, leaving a hashtag will make your page visible, be careful not to use irrelevant hashtags and too many, which will have the opposite effect

About the posting time, try to post at the hours of the day when you guess there are more users on Instagram.

Instagram followers

– Advertise Instagram page

Advertising is another effective way to increase followers and increase product sales. These ads can be done on websites or telegram channels or other Instagram pages. There are even millions who are based on fake followers and likes and their actual purpose is to make money by attracting ads, obviously the result and efficiency of your ads on such pages will be very low and will disappoint you.

So be sure to choose carefully the page you are going to advertise, the pages that can be seen in Instagram Explorer and even the pages of Instagram bloggers that do not have a large number of followers can be much more efficient than the pages of several hundred fake pages.

Also, the quality of your ad is very important in terms of graphics and attractiveness.

– Challenges, special discounts, gifts and…

Another way to attract followers is to use special promotions and offers, put special discounts for a limited time, or draw lots between those who like or comment on the post, or send gifts by lottery and anything that can make users follow To do.

For example, many companies and department stores, including Digikala, in some of their product posts ask you to tag your friends in the comments to participate in a special lottery or discount, and thus attract many new users who have been tagged. they do.

According to the peak experience of Instagram during these years, in order to achieve success and be seen on social networks, a selection of the mentioned items such as buying followers, buying likes, continuous activity, attractive appearance of the page, advertising on social networks and و all in an effective and necessary way They are and can speed up your achievement of your goal of being seen.

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