Trillian 6.0 Build 61 Pro for Windows Multilingual

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Trillian is a communication software for creating team internet connections that you can use to chat one by one or in groups. The security of the program is excellent in its kind and different versions of it have been designed and developed for different platforms. If needed, you can send various photos and files through the protocol of this program. There are various security settings in the program that you can customize. You no longer need to remember the names of different users, despite the Contact List, this software makes it very easy to find people.

If needed, you can add different users to the Trillian environment or even disable them for a while. With the Chat History in the app, your chats are saved and you can have them in later situations. If you are working on a project, you can form a group and talk as a team. Use Policies to restrict application features, such as disabling plugins like Google Talk. The cloud space of this program is very secure, however, for its special versions, a more secure home hosting space is considered.

Features of Trillian software:

  • Ability to create very secure conversations
  • Support for Third party plugins
  • Ability to send files and photos to others
  • You do not need to remember the usernames.
  • Ability to chat in groups or individually

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