TriSun Duplicate File Finder 17.1.082 / Photo Finder 15.1.053 / MP3 Finder 15.1.037
Duplicate File Finder

TriSun Duplicate File Finder 17.1.082 / Photo Finder 15.1.053 / MP3 Finder 15.1.037

Duplicate File Finder Description

TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus is a useful tool for finding and deleting duplicate files. TriSun Duplicate Photo Finder is a dedicated tool for removing duplicate images and TriSun Duplicate MP3 Finder is a dedicated tool for removing duplicate audio files from the same company;

Usually, after working with the system for a long time, many duplicate images and files are created on the hard disk. Usually, these large files are images that, if left alone, may take up a lot of space on your hard drive. This may not be a big deal for high-capacity hard drives, but if your hard drive has an SSD and limited capacity, its size is very important to you. With this very simple and fast program, you can find duplicate images with high accuracy and then delete duplicate items at your own discretion.

TriSun Duplicate Photo Finder does not compare based on file name or size, but on image content so that files of the same name and size with different content may not be deleted by mistake. This will reduce the error rate to zero. The program environment is very simple and straightforward;

Just specify the search location and hit the search button to identify all duplicate images. At the end of the search, duplicates in each group are displayed in highlight. You can sort this list by size to delete larger files first. You can save duplicate images together; Throw them in the trash; Delete them completely and move them to a specific folder.

All duplicate formats can be identified and removed using TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus.

Features of TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus :

  • Comparison based on file content, not their name or size (100% accuracy)
  • Dedicated algorithm and high comparison speed
  • Cleverly select duplicate files
  • Supports a variety of formats
  • Easy to use with just one click
  • Preview the image without having to open it
  • Ability to search the entire drive, folder, or file to file
  • Ability to load and save results
  • Good settings for smart selection, search for hidden files, exclude specific paths
  • And …

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required system 

Operating System: Windows All

Duplicate File Finder Pictures

Duplicate File Finder


Installation guide

Register the software using the serial in the Key.txt file.

download link

Download TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus 17.1 Build 082 Multilingual
Download TriSun Duplicate Photo Finder Plus 15.1 Build 053 Multilingual
Download TriSun Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus 15.1 Build 037 Multilingual
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