Turn your Android tablet into a Windows touch tablet


Android tablet into a Windows

The frontiers of technology are getting closer and closer, and operating systems are no exception. One of the important factors that plays an important role in speeding things up is the monitor. The more monitors you have available, the more productive you will be and the faster you will get things done. One of the simplest and most interesting things you can do with Android gadgets is to turn them into something beyond what they are made for. Turning an Android tablet into a Windows tablet is an idea that many users may not be aware of.

A tablet in the role of a Windows touch screen

To date, various programs have been released for Android phones and tablets that allow you to have a symmetrical image of your computer screen on the Android gadget. iDisplay, Chrome Remote Desktop, SpaceDesk, Twomon USB, etc. are just a few simple examples of software that allow you to have a symmetrical image on your Android phone or tablet. But in this article, we are going to show you how to work with software that, while showing the computer screen on an Android tablet, allows you to touch Windows icons and applications through your tablet, run them, and in a word, a tablet. Have Windows. A feature that you can access with just an expensive Surface Pro.

Splashtop Software is more than just a tool

Splashtop is software used to control computers remotely. A tool that is very similar to Team Viewer. This software lets you through your Android tabletDo whatever you want on your computer. The above tool is one of the best methods that allows you to reliably control and manage your computer via the Internet. One of the best and most interesting features of this software is providing a mechanism that allows you to control the keyboard and mouse of a personal computer with a few simple tasks. Managing graphic games running on a computer, playing music and movies, opening pages that are open in a personal computer browser, going to File Explorer via a tablet, and managing downloads are just a small part of what the app allows through Android. Do them. One of the major problems with remote control programs is the problem of lag or latency, as access to the computer screen is delayed and puts a lot of pressure on the GPU and tablet. But the above program is completely smooth and as soon as you touch an icon on the tablet screen, you will quickly see its reaction on the screen. A simple user interface, connection to a computer based on passwords to secure communication, full control of mouse and keyboard, support for various operating systems are other useful features of this software.

Install Splashtop tool on Windows

This program is available to users in both commercial and free forms. The free version, called Personal, allows you to access the same features as the commercial version, but it disconnects you from the system every 5 minutes, and you have to connect the two devices twice. In the first step, you must install the Windows version of the above tool on your system. To do this, go to Splashtop Downloads , click Personal, and then click Splashtop Stream   on the right side of the page.

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, run it.

In this step, you must click on the Create a Splashtop Account link and create an account for yourself. Enter a valid email address and password to create an account for yourself. Once your account is created, go to your inbox and click Activate to create your account. After activating, a page like the one below will open in the browser.

  Once the account has been created, you can enter the username and password to log in to the account and use the program. For the connection to work best, you need to go to the Security section of the program and enter at least eight-digit passwords with at least one of the characters in the alphabet.

Note that as long as you do not enter the password in the field you see in the image above, you will not be able to use this program.

Install the tool on your Android tablet

Once you have the required requirements on your computer, the next step is to install the Android version on your tablet. To download the Android version, go to splashtop-remote-desktop-hd and depending on the device you are using, select the tablet or Android option and install the program on your tablet or phone.

Run it after installing the program. The program automatically detects your computer. (It is possible to support five computers in the free version.) Make sure that both the tablet and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. After selecting the computer, touch the Continue option and finally touch Finish. Doing so will bring up a window like the one below where you must enter the password you specified in the previous step in the Security section.

To avoid having to enter a password connection each time, it is best to select the password storage option. At runtime, the program shows an image as shown below that shows how to work with the on-screen display with the aim of equalizing the keyboard and mouse.

The tablet now displays the same image as on the computer screen.

If you have successfully completed all the steps, you will see an image that is exactly a reflection of the computer screen on the tablet. An image that allows you to literally manage your computer.

As you can see, you own a Windows tablet at no cost. Of course, you should not expect the above function to be exactly the same as a Surface Pro, for example you can not run Word and write content through the tablet, but you can run applications from the tablet, terminate the execution of applications And do interesting things.

It should be noted that in the Advanced section of the Windows program, access to a number of special features such as software capture, hardware or driver synchronization, proxy specification and how to connect is configurable.

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