Download video tutorial on using the Pen tool in Illustrator software

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Pen tool in Illustrator software

Have you ever worked with Illustrator and its various tools? In this training course, you can get acquainted with the various tools of this program, especially the Pen, and learn how it works in different designs. If you have encountered problems in some cases, you can view the frequently asked questions in this course and find the answers to your questions. The course also has small projects that, for example, review the topics taught and allow you to fully try them out.

Collection Title: Pen Tool in Illustrator How to make it work

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

English language

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Have you ever grabbed the pen tool, clicked and clicked but could not understand what this tool is really about?

Have you ever thought “Why isn’t this working?”

And aren’t you tired of all those tutorials that just tell you that if you click like this you’ll get this and if you click like that you will get something else?

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