TVideoGrabber SDK v11.2.1.16 / CSharp / VB.NET

TVideoGrabber is a software development kit for recording and playing video images for C #, VB, C ++, Delphi, C ++ Builder and ActiveX compatible applications. TVideoGrabber has the ability to capture audio and video from live recording devices such as webcams, usb video recording gadgets, PCI HD cards as well as a collection of bitmap images as video sources.

This software allows you to capture video in various video formats without the need for additional programs with the help of built-in codecs. It is possible to directly stream video streams to other programs through the network and media servers, you can merge several different clips into one clip and break a large clip into a number of smaller clips, each of which can be stored and processed in different formats.

In addition to its unique video recording capabilities, this software also has the possibility of advanced playback of various media (audio and video) with features such as adjusting the playback speed, scrolling and moving the media back and forth, single or group playback as a playlist and ….

It should be noted that there is no limit to the simultaneous execution of this component, you may have several programs at the moment that have run many instances of TVideoGrabber, which means that in a single program you can simultaneously play video and record video and You will have audio and each recording and playback source can be completely independent. TVideoGrabber is a comprehensive and easy-to-use component for programmers that will save a lot of money and effort to add video and audio capabilities to their programs.

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Download Datastead TVideoGrabber_v11.2.1.16 for 10.4

Download Datastead TVideoGrabber_v11.2.1.10 for Delphi 10.4

Download Datastead TVideoGrabber v11.2.1.6 for Rio

Download Datastead TVideoGrabber SDK v11.1.2.1 for All Platforms

Download Datastead TVideoGrabber

Download Datastead_TVideoGrabber_Video_SDK_v10.8.4.2

Download Datastead_TVideoGrabber_Video_SDK_v10.8.1.2_for_Delphi_10.2.3

Download Datastead_TVideoGrabber_SDK_10.6.2.2_All_Platforms_20180102

Download Datastead.TVideoGrabber.SDK.V10.6.2.2.D4-D7_D2005-D2010_DXE-DXE8_DX10-DX10.2.DCU.Only (tested version)

Download TVideoGrabber_Video_SDK_v10.6.2.2_BCB_10.2_Win_32_Win_64

Download TVideoGrabber_10.6.2.2_XE10_x86_x64_Full_Source

Download TVideoGrabber_10.6.2.2_CSharp-VB.NET

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