TWI RiskWise for Process Plant 6.1.36681

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RiskWise is an efficient software for managing risk-based technical inspection. Risk-based inspection or RBI is a good way to prioritize and manage work and operational plans based on the risk of activities and equipment. The RBI increases the chances of successful operations by focusing on inspection, maintenance, and high-risk locations, which will also have a direct impact on cost reduction. When the RBI is done properly, many management problems and planning issues will not be challenged and wasted.

For this purpose, various software have been provided that RiskWise is one of the most important software in this field. This program provides a platform for specialists and individuals involved in an industrial or operational project to be able to easily perform project-related files and update the technical inspection information in regular steps under the control of the database program. The program is designed to be simple and all work steps take place in a graphical environment.

Here you can easily access old and new documents. Many things like document numbering, archiving them are done automatically although it is possible to change this section. There is an advanced browser that allows you to search the entire text inside the stored documents and information. This program can work in groups and under the network, so you can use this program as a team with your colleagues. RiskWise has so far had more than 10,000 customers worldwide and has been able to significantly reduce the risks in many parts of the industry and various projects.

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Listed in the Readme.txt file.

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