Two Point Hospital game and 10 tips for newcomers

Two Point Hospital
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Two Point Hospital game

Two Point Hospital is a hospital simulator that, despite its hilarious appearance, can be challenging. The following tips can make things easier for you.


Two Point Hospital game offers a humorous and crowded impression of the hospital management and you are responsible for various tasks such as paying attention to patients’ health and building development.

The game was released in 2018 and is the spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital, which was able to appear popular in 1997. In this simulator version, you have to build a large medical center that includes several hospitals and can accommodate hundreds of patients. Since hospitals usually have a sad and, of course, serious atmosphere, the creators have focused more on humorous elements to make the atmosphere a little softer.

Two Point Hospital game guide for newcomers

This game is not very difficult, but sometimes you may be confused and do not know exactly what to do or how to proceed. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your hospital management.

– Only build if needed

Two Point Hospital

One thing to keep in mind is that buildings should not be designed too large. Early expansion of a building is not only unprofitable but will also lead to financial problems. To prevent this from happening, we recommend making everything small, simple, and inexpensive until the conditions are ideal.

As you progress through the game, you will gradually find solutions to some of the problems or figure out how to better manage some of the problems. Once you have an almost complete understanding of mechanics, you can build more and make your empire bigger. Sometimes it is possible to solve a problem with a small construction, do this to solve the problem.

– Minimize travel time

Two Point Hospital

When building a hospital, you should pay attention to important issues such as traffic and patient appointments and be aware of the effects of these departments. If patients collide with each other and can not move easily in the hospital, the result will be nothing but delay, and delay means an increase in the number of patients and more delays! So one of your priorities should be to reduce travel time.

Order is always fruitful; We recommend that you design hospital wards based on patients’ needs. That is, when the patient comes to the hospital, from the time of admission and admission, his work should be done in order. For example, you can place the Treatment Room next to the Diagnosis Room. Once the patient’s problem is identified, they rush into the treatment room to regain their health. Undoubtedly, you will not be able to learn such things from the beginning, and you will have to figure out how to design a more efficient hospital through trial and error and experience.

Separate treatment rooms

Two Point Hospital

It is better to build treatment rooms separately from other rooms and in special places. When patients enter this room, it means that they are in the final stage of treatment and after that, they can leave the hospital. So placing this room near the exit door will help reduce traffic and congestion, as recovered patients will be discharged quickly without disturbing anyone.

Another idea is to make the treatment rooms completely separate from the main hospital building. This way, the improved patients will not bother anyone even when they leave. If you plan to do this, do not move the room too far from the main building, but make sure there are no barriers between the patients and the exit door.

– In-game improvements

Two Point Hospital

In addition to daily tasks and hospital management, you should also pay attention to the various goals (Career Goals) and their completion. This will help you to open up new content that is essential to improving and expanding the hospital. These goals also come with cash prizes and valuable points.

Even by putting out fires or solving some problems, sometimes you inadvertently accomplish some goals.

– Doing challenges

Two Point Hospital

Challenges are also important because they offer good rewards and are a good source of income. These challenges are usually directly related to the player’s progress and do not have strange demands on you.

It goes without saying that you have to save some money to complete some of the challenges, as doing them requires a number of doctors or nurses, a specific level of education or a special room. You will not, of course, suffer in the end; These challenges will not only make up for the initial budget, but will also put more money into your account.

– The importance of the treatment staff

Two Point Hospital

Every hospital needs treatment staff. In the game Two Point Hospital, fortunately, the members of the hospital will come to your aid. If a problem arises and something is done by them, they will act immediately. So don’t be surprised if you sometimes see your nurses doing service work.

But you can also specify parameters for the crew, what they are allowed or not to do. Take some time for this part and adjust it so that no one is distracted from their main work. Also make sure that doctors and nurses do their main tasks during the day and that side tasks are a secondary priority.

– Do not upset the treatment staff

Two Point Hospital

You have to pay attention to the needs of the patients, but more importantly, you have to pay attention to the needs of the treatment staff, and you have to keep them satisfied at all times. Doctors or nurses who are not happy have a lower quality of work and by doing things wrong, they make things worse and even more satisfying.

So, supervise the payment, make sure the members are resting and give them something they need. For example, they may need money, try to meet their needs.

Lack of medical staff is a problem for you

Two Point Hospital

One way to satisfy medical staff is to have more colleagues. This helps to ensure that if someone goes to rest, there is another nurse or doctor to take their place and leave the work on the ground. Patients are also better received and you do not have to worry about taking care of them.

This is not the end of the matter, for example if you have an extra caretaker, the buildings will always be clean. Of course, you should not go to extremes in this regard, and suddenly doubling the hospital staff is a wrong move, but hiring a few more nurses or caretakers would be a smart move.

– Beware of equipment failure

Two Point Hospital

Another reason to hire multiple janitors is to make sure all the equipment is working properly. Some devices, such as liquid analyzers, may lose their quality and performance after repeated use. If you do not address this issue, the device will be completely damaged and explode, resulting in a fire.

To avoid damage and delays in replacing a damaged device, it is best to make sure they are working properly. Caretakers usually walk around the hospital and clean everything, but it is best to consider a few dedicated caretakers to inspect the equipment.

– Stamina and speed

Two Point Hospital

The most important promotion for employees is their stamina. Tired employees will obviously be upset and their performance will decline. Higher acetaminophen allows doctors and nurses to work longer hours.

But there was one exception in this section and that is the caretakers. These people are usually running to clean a place. For them, we recommend that you speed up instead of stamina so that they can get things done faster. This is even more important in the case of larger hospitals.

The game is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can buy the computer version of the game from the Steam platform.

Have you experienced the game Two Point Hospital? Let us know what you think.


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